TRX Tabata Workout

Happy Tabata Tuesday everyone! Today’s tabata workout is one with a difference, I’m trying to mix it up a bit because I like to keep it interesting, I can get bored quite easily and whilst routine is great for sticking to a plan I find routine mundane so by mixing up the tabata workouts I’m keeping up the intensity but changing the workout.

trx tabata

Remember if you want to make it really intense repeat 4 times to make it a full length workout.

Here’s a quick explanation of each movement if you’re not sure what to do, and make sure the trx bands are secured to something above you or hooked in to a doorframe 🙂

  1. Squat jumps – hold handles about chest height with palms facing in and your elbows against your body (not sticking out sideways!), lean back until the band is taught, then bend your knees into a really low squat and as you stand up leap as high as can.
  2. Ice Skaters – hold handles about chest height with palms facing in. Then jump to the right side landing on your right leg bending slightly and extending your left leg behind you and to your right side as though ice skating. then leap to the left side doing the same on the opposite leg.
  3. Hip Press – Lie on the floor with your heels in the handles. Ensure that your legs are bent 90 degrees from the hips. Once you’re comfortable squeeze your glutes and raise your hips making a 90 degree angle at the knee and straight line down through to your hips. Lower and repeat.
  4. Row – Place your feet firmly hip width apart and whilst holding the handles with palms facing each other and at chest height. Lean backwards to around 45 degrees, then slowly extend your arms so they’re straight, then bend and pull your arms in keeping your elbows close to the body until the handles are near your chest again.
  5. Lunge – You may need a chair for balance with this one if it’s your first time. Stand with your back towards the band. Bend one leg and put your foot in the strap. Bend your straight leg keeping your knee over your toe and pushing the leg in the strap backwards. Go as low as you can. Then stand up and pull your knee back in to meet the knee of your supporting leg.
  6. Atomic Pushup – This is a normal pushup but rather than being in a plank position you need to put your feet inside the handles of the bands so your legs are raised off the floor.
  7. Chest Fly – Stand with your back to the bands and pull the straps over your shoulders. Keep your hands in the handles with your palms facing each other and your arms extend. Lean on to the balls of your feet keeping your arms straight so your body is around 45 degrees. Then slowly extend your arms wide to the side. Then keeping your arms straight pull your arms back to the starting position.
  8. Oblique Crunch – Get into a plank position with your feet supported in the handles of the TRX bands. Then keeping your back as flat as possible crunch and pull your knees your right elbow, push back to plank position and repeat to your left elbow.
  9. Pike – Get into a plank position. Then keeping your legs straight lift through your hips and core to pull your feet towards your arms. keeping a straight line from your feet up to your hips and then from your hips down to your hands. Push back to plank position.

I hope you enjoy this one!!

Love Roo xx

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