Total Body Circuit

Happy hump day fitfam! It’s time to get your heart rate up! Try out my latest full body circuit to get you sweating!

Do you know, one reason why I started exercising other than to get fit was to help me sleep better, I found that my brain was so tired from trying to keep up with everything that I had done, was doing and still had to do that day, that week or that month and I felt mentally exhausted but my body wasn’t physically tired and it really interrupted my sleep pattern. Don’t get me wrong you need to get a whole work, life / lifestyle balance (diet included) to be on top form but exercising sure does help for getting some quality sleep at the end of the day. End your day with a worked body and mind and you will be getting the right sleep and repair your body needs 🙂 The weekend is in sight now…..keep going!!!!

sporty abdomen of young woman isolated on black background


Love Roo xx

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