TomTom Jewellery

The other day I saw a photograph of Selena Gomez wearing a Superdry jacket that everyone was raving about but what REALLY caught my eye was the amazing necklace she had on! I was a girl on a mission to discover who, what where and when and then I discovered Tom Tom Jewellery! Click through to my pinterest board to see what I’ve added to my virtual shopping basket!


I’ve put together my wishlist on pinterest! This collection is edgy with it’s geometric designs which are inspired by architecture and tribal patterns. it’s actually been around since 2009 and I can’t believe I’m only just hearing about it now! TomTomJewellery is my new lust have brand, now all I have to do is win the lottery or find someone who wants to buy me a generous gift! Fingers crossed!

Love Roo xx


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