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Paleo Sausage Stew

Sausage StewWhen the night’s draw in early and it’s cold outside I am dying to eat hearty warming stews, here’s the latest paleo recipe for you to try; a nice and spicy sausage stew that takes about 40 minutes to cook, or it’s easily cooked in your slow cooker too, all you need to do is step 1 and then add everything to the crock pot in go. If you don’t want the spice then don’t add the chillies!



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Slow Cooker Vegetable Curry

Yum yum yum! I am still obsessed with my slow cooker and have been experimenting, here is a delicious vegetable curry you can make in your crockpot. Just chop all of the ingredients, chuck in the pot and cook on low for 7 hours.

Vegetable Curry

Love Roo xx

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My Protein – Elle True Diet Protein Powder Review

elle true diet

Back in October I decided to start using My Proteins’ Elle True Diet Protein Shake. I had plateaued in my weight loss and needed something to give me that extra helping hand to staying on track and to also give me the extra protein I needed to improve my muscle for the hard training I was putting my body through.

I had been on holiday and had been a little bit naughty with my diet (I mean I had been working hard for 9 whole months prior to that so I deserved those cheeky cocktails by the pool as a treat!). Due to that splurge I had a lot of water retention in that week that I came back, so I decided to use the Elle True Diet Protein Shake with skimmed milk as a breakfast substitute.

In that first week I saw a huge drop in weight from 8st 6lbs down to 8st 2lbs however the weeks following that first big decrease the protein shake has helped me remain at a more consistent weight fluctuating by 1lb either way of my first week results with my lowest weight reaching 8st.


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My Obsession with Canton Chef Continues….

So those of you who have been following my blog since the summer will know that I have a little bit of an obsession with Canton Chef products! I discovered their awesome products at a Whole Foods Market local food fair back in the summer and cannot stop eating them! Canton Chef definitely noticed my love affair and very kindly sent me a sample of their sweet and sour stir fry sauce and I have been itching to get it in my wok and in to my mouth! So I’ve been waiting for a day for Roo Boy to be away so I don’t have to share and that day has finally come……… 🙂 I prepped my veggies for the stir fry (bell peppers, half a red onion, a carrot, a handful of sugar snap peas and some broccoli florets), then I  steamed some cauliflower to soften before putting in the blender to make some cauliflower rice, I had my sachet of sweet and sour sauce and some turkey meatballs which I chopped in half and fried with my veg, nom nom nom! Within 30 minutes of getting through my front door I was sitting down with a bowl full to bursting with colour and yumminess! I just about managed to save some for my lunch tomorrow too 🙂

Sweet & Sour Stir FryCanton chef Stir Fry Sweet & Sour

Canton Chef Sweet & Sour stir Fry


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Paleo Christmas Dinner

So it’s coming up to that time of year; Christmas is just around the corner you’re about to get paid and you need to battle the crowds in the supermarket to get all of your groceries for your delicious Christmas dinner! Not only have you got the added stress of  jostling to get the best things at the best prices but on top of that you’ve got the questions of what to get because whilst you want to treat yourself for Christmas you also don’t want to just eat “bad foods” because you’ve gotten used to eating a healthy Paleo diet and it’s actually rather yummy! So here’s some tips and recipes for delicious things to buy, make and devour this Christmas! You’ll feel like you’re being very naughty but not so bad that you’ll be getting a lump of coal in your stocking 😛

Follow Roo De Rennes’s board Paleo Christmas Dinner on Pinterest.

Love Roo xx

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Chicken Harissa Bake

Harissa Chicken BakeThe other day one I met with one of my most favourite people in the whole world and we had a little catch up and a jaunt around Birmingham’s vintage shops at Custard Factory and then ended up in the market near the Bullring. I was actually looking for a nice bandana but what I came across was MUCH more exciting than hair accessories! There was one stall solely dedicated to herbs and spices. I could have spent all of my money and all of my time at this stall!! In the end I settled on a few spice packets one of which was a Harissa spice mix (for those of you who don’t know what this is it’s crushed chili, cumin, coriander, mint, caraway and garlic – YUM!)

So after spending more money than I intended on spices I rushed home whilst stopping off to buy some chicken and yoghurt on the way and made a delicious tea for me and Roo boy!


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Parma Ham Wrapped Chicken Stuffed with Jalapeno & Cilantro

Chicken in Pasata with Pesto

As always I have got another super quick and easy dish which is also Paleo. Sometimes I like spending time working on a really tasty dish that takes time and effort and needs constant attention but my life is so hectic that I usually need a delicious meal that I can prep in minutes and put in the oven to cook and I can leave it whilst I go off to do other things. So here’s my latest recipe which is a chicken breast stuffed with my jalapeno and cilantro dip then wrapped in parma ham. I then pop these in a roasting tin squeeze in a carton of pasata and put in the oven to cook for 25 minutes on 180 degrees.

If you’re feeling naughty and its a non paleo treat day, try adding some mozzarella or sprinkling your favourite cheese on top of the chicken 2 – 3 minutes before you’re ready to eat.

Serve with steamed vegetables 🙂

Love Roo xx

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Sweet Potato & Black Bean Stew

Sweet Potato Stew

This is one of my favourite dishes because it’s quick, easy and cheap to make, and it’s so full of flavour and is just a good hearty meal! I tested it on my parents a few weeks ago and they’ve been begging me for the recipe ever since so apologies to Mama & Papa Roo for taking so long to write it up for you 🙂 So anyway, here’s all of the ingredients and how to make it.


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