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Leg Tabata Workout

beautiful female legs in sport wear

This workout will get your legs shaking, quivering and burning in no time! If you want to lose those extra pounds then this cardio tabata will help with that and the focus on legs will really improve your muscle and strength so when that little layer of fat disappears you will have great definition and toned legs to make a Victoria’s Secret model green with envy!

Remember if you want to make this a great workout, take 1 minute rest and then repeat this circuit again until you’ve done it four times!

Love Roo xx

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5 minute tabata – This one’s all about your legs and butt :)

Tabata Workout

Here’s my latest 5 minute tabata workout. This week I’m focussing all on the legs and butt as this is where must of us girls tend to hold on to our weight so lets get it shifted, toned and fabulous! Remember for a more intense workout repeat 4 times to make it 20 minutes long. exercise/">HIIT it hard fitfam!

Love Roo xx

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Focus T25 Review – Days 12 – 14

Against my better judgement I stupidly decided that I should attempt the 2 exercises in one day straight after one another. That was a huuuuuuuge mistake! If I’d had a leisurely day at home I might have been able to manage it. However, after an early start and a full day at work this was just absurd!

Day 12’s double workout consisted of lower focus and ab intervals. It’s great that it’s working on 2 separate areas but your core is still engaged for the lower focus so it’s hard going. I find that the only way to survive both is to not go nuts with it and to really pace myself. Otherwise I’ve burned myself out and don’t have the energy to continue into the second set of exercises.

I bet I will be begging for these double workouts when I get to the Beta Phase!

The other update is my stats for Day 13, so here goes:

Weight: 9st 3.6lb

Chest: 31.5″

Waist: 27″

Arms: 10 3/4″

Thigh: 22″

The fact that I’m heading in the right direction definitely makes it worth it.


Love Roo xx

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Focus T25 Review – Days 10 & 11

Day 10 – Speed – I am absolutely stoked about how I nailed this one! Compared to last week where I barely made it, I felt like I rocked this one! I was keeping up with the T25 team (I may not have looked as great as they did but I was definitely in time) As I had mentioned before my body is made for comfort and not for speed so I approached this workout with determination to prove that theory wrong and I have! It’s mind over matter! Woo!! Go Roo!

Day 11 – Cardio – The difficulty of doing an exercise program which requires you to do a workout every night is making a decision of whether or not to break other commitments and trying to live a life outside of the program. After my friend had a baby I promised I would be her running buddy to help her lose her baby weight. We started doing this a few nights a week and I really enjoy it, it’s fun to train with someone, I enjoy being the support for someone else, and I wouldn’t feel safe running on my own in the evening and wouldn’t want my friend to have to do that either. So there are a few reasons why I am not willing to give up running but the difficulty is the energy spent doing this depletes the energy that I can throw in to Focus T25, and then trying to fit this in alongside the 25 minute workout (50 minutes on Friday!) So I have cut down on the number of times I run during the week whilst I complete this program but when I do run and do Focus T25 afterwards I am mainly sticking to the modifier workout. Otherwise I find my body is too tired and I get the muscle shakes (picture Elvis’ leg uh-huh and that’s what mine look like about 5 minutes in!) and I can’t keep that focus and control. Hopefully as the weeks go on my fitness will improve to a level where I can throw myself into the full workout after a run and still be breathing at the end of it!!

Love Roo xx

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1 Legged 10 – 2 Squats

These are tricky as not only is it working your legs and bum but it is also working on your core and balancing.

1. Stand with your feet hip width apart.

2. Lift your right leg off the floor and start to bend your left leg into a squat position.

3. As you near the floor place your hands at a 10 o’clock position (to your left) and tap the floor.

4. Straighten up to standing.

5. Repeat the squat but this time tap the floor at 11 o’clock and straighten up to standing.

6. Repeat this process until you reach 2 o’clock, and then work your way back round to 10 o’clock.

7. Change legs and repeat.


Love Roo xx

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Add a Hop Skip and a Jump

One great tip that I’ve been taught with lunges and squats of any variation is that if you add a jump in between each rep you are adding lower body power to each exercise. This means that you are burning more calories and building muscular and cardiovascular endurance – e.g. thinner thighs ladies! Lets increase that thigh gap!

Jump around! Jump around! Jump up, jump up and get down!


Love Roo xx

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Calving Season!!

Spring is on it’s way! The world is definitely a happier place in Spring, but it does mean that you have to start shaving your legs more because those pins will be on show.

Midi skirts have been a fashion favourite on the catwalk, so this means your calves need to be nice and firm because they’re the only thing that’s going to be sticking out from under those skirts.

My top tip for getting nice and firm calves is heel to bum touches. Go for a nice gentle jog outside in the sunshine for 20 minutes. Jog for the first 2 minutes then for 1 minute jog whilst trying to kick your bum with your heels and then go back to your normal pace again, rinse and repeat until your 20 minutes is up.

Remember you should always go at your own pace, if you struggle to begin with then just do it once, then work up to the second time and so on. You are only in competition with yourself so just worry about what you’re doing and what you’re capable of, not trying to keep up with anyone else.


Love Roo xx

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Squats Squats and More Squats!

The most simplest yet most effective way to get amazing legs and a nice bum is squats. This is no trickery or lies, sometimes you don’t need to add the bells and whistles and use some fancy machine to get great results, sometimes the old ways are still the best.

Before you start you need to make sure that you’ve got the form right.

1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart

2. Then whilst keeping your knees above your ankles (don’t let them move forward over your toes!) bend your knees and push your bottom out as if you’re about to sit down on a chair.  Remember not to arch your back either!

3. As you’re doing this really squeeze your thigh muscles and your abs

4. Then stand back up again and repeat.

I find keeping my mind on getting the form right and remembering to not hold my breath takes my mind off how much my muscles ache from doing this!!

Do this 10 – 15 times and take a break and stretch your legs and then do another 2 sets.


Love Roo xx

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