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How to style up 2 Pairs of Liquor N Poker Jeans for endless wardrobe options!

Jeans truly are a girls best friend! If you find some good jeans they can become both a staple and a style statement and help you build up so many different outfits that could last well beyond one season! Check out my Pinterest board to see all of the many and varied outfits you can pull together just from 2 pairs of Liquor N Poker jeans and a few different styles of tops, shirts, shoes and boots of which you probably already have similar styles hanging in your wardrobe right now!!

Liquor N Poker Jeans

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Love Roo xx

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My Top Outfits So Far

August Favourite Clothes So Far

Fashion Friday means I get to share my top picks with you guys from this month so far! And I wanted to show off the staple items I have in my wardrobe!

  1. A yellow prom dress which doubles as a skirt!
  2. A breton striped top, great for layering or with a pair of jeans
  3. A leather jacket – need I say more
  4. Leopard print shoes! They add fun and style to ANY outfit
  5. A fun vest top for laidback style
  6. My denim shirt – you all know how much I LOVE this!

All of these pieces get worn over and over again, and I can really mix them up with so many different items 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!!

Love Roo xx

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The Tale of The Dreaded Denim Hunt

After losing so much weight (well really if we’re getting technical after I lost so much fat!) and my skinny jeans had turned into saggy bummed boyfriend jeans I decided it was time to bite the bullet and do something that I have always loathed; searching for the perfect pair of jeans.

Why do I hate it so much? Well every time previously I have struggled to find a pair that fits my larger thighs and small waist, and on top of that there are sooooo many choices and ways that stores mark up their sizes, do I want skinny jeans in a 31″ waist or size 12? or a 10? Skinny leg, straight leg, flare, bootcut, the list goes on! And then there are so many different colours and washes and blah blah blah arggggh!!!!

First thing to do was call Mama Roo as I was going to need her on hand for this traumatic experience and I didn’t thing my boyfriend would survive this ordeal, he was going to see me at my worst, and I was not ready for that!

My first tip for these occasions is to find a department store or website that does free shipping and returns and basically grab as many sizes, colours and styles as you possibly can. I ordered nearly £300 worth of jeans with the intention of probably not keeping any of them. This was simply to get an idea for what colours I liked and suited me and most importantly went with clothes I already had. Check – dark blue is what I was after. The next thing I wanted to know was what style I liked. Check – Skinny is what I wanted. And finally the last thing I wanted to get straight in my head is what size am I now? Check 28″-29″ / size 10. This cut out the whole ordeal of dragging 20 pairs of jeans to the fitting room only to be told that I could only take in 6, but what if I want to compare more than 6 pairs?! What if I can’t remember what the first pair looked like? I need to be surrounded by all of my potential jeans contenders!

Thankfully this little task paid off BIG TIME! I went into town with my head clearly focused on what I wanted, and hey presto the first shop I went in to and about the 2nd pair I tried on were THE jeans and are now sitting happily in my wardrobe!

Skinny Jeans

Now it’s important to point out that this success was not just down to my big jeans order and testing before heading off to the shops. The real reason why this was so easy is because I lost my extra baggage. After putting in all that hard work and shedding unwanted fat this dreaded denim hunt had become a walk in the park! I no longer have to blame clothing manufacturers for making their target demographic tiny legged children! Once again the only that had stood in my way was me. This was such a liberating experience and made all the sweat and tears totally worth it!

Now I’m going to put on my size 10 skinny jeans, and stuff my face with chocolate cake and hope they stretch out with me!! ha ha! If only! It just makes me more determined. I explained it the other day that some people work really hard and want to buy a nice car or a nice house to show off to the world how hard they’ve worked, and to me clothes do the same; I’m putting a lot of time and effort into making myself look and feel good both inside and out and now I want to show it off to the world so they can see how much little ol’ me has achieved and I’m really proud of that 🙂


Love Roo xx

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