8th Day of Fitmas

12 Days of Fitmas

On the 8th Day of Fitmas my PT gave to me:

8th Day of Fitmas


7th day of fitmas 6th day of fitmas 5th day of fitmas 4th Day of Fitmas 3rd day of fitmas 2nd day of fitmas 1st day of fitmas - 1 minute plank

Love Roo xx

3rd Day of Fitmas

12 days of Fitmas

On the 3rd day of Fitmas my PT gave to me:

3rd day of fitmas



2nd day of fitmas 1st day of fitmas - 1 minute plank


Love Roo xx

Crossfit Style Tabata

Crossfit Tabata

I’m jumping on the crossfit bandwagon a bit here but also showing you that you don’t need to earn a fortune and spend it all at the gym! You can do these workouts at home and get some great results! If you haven’t got the equipment like a skipping rope do the actions as though you have one and then go out and invest in a skipping rope because they’re awesome and a great piece of equipment for exercising! With the box jumps if you don’t have the box in your home gym, improvise (with caution!) use a wall in your back garden, use a low stool or table or chair or something that you know isn’t going to move and is sturdy and solid and will take your weight. Safety first fitfam! Remember to get maximum results repeat this set 4 times to take the workout up to 20 minutes.

Love Roo xx

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Skipping isn’t just for little girls

Skipping is an activity I love! It instantly reminds me of my childhood and being out in the street having a skipping race with all my friends! Well it’s not just for kids and it’s a great activity to carry on into adulthood. There are so many benefits to be had from skipping:

  1. It improves your heart rate
  2. 10 minutes of skipping is the equivalent to 45 minutes of running (uh hello! I know what I would choose!)
  3. It’s a full body workout because you’re not just jumping about your working those shoulders to turn the rope, all the way down to the tippiest part of your tippy toes when you bouncing back off the balls of your feet
  4. Because it’s a weightbearing exercise it can help to improve your bone density

Once you’ve got used to skipping again, buy a weighted rope and work that body. Do jumping jacks with it, grab your mates and do some double dutch skipping. This is something that can be solo or with friends so can be as exciting as you dare to make it!

Here’s what your competition looks like!!

Pick up a skipping rope, I’d lean towards this Crossfit bestseller which is quite reasonably priced:

Happy skipping!! Love Roo xx