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Pyramid Workout #1

Pyramid Workout

Pyramid workouts involve completing a workout and increasing either the number of reps or the size of the weights lifted. The benefits of this is that it helps to develop your strength and endurance. This is a great technique for muscle gains and development; but let me remind you ladies that it won’t make you bulky and all incredible Hulk like! This is going to help you really get some strength and definition, and give you some sexy toned and sculpted muscles!

This workout focuses on the former where you should increase the number of reps per set as follows:

  • 1 x hammer curl
  • 1 flat back row
  • 2 x hammer curl
  • 2 flat back row
    • repeat x 8


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How to Become a Runner

Running Tips

I can honestly say that I don’t enjoy running. I truly believe that my body was never designed for cardio, and the reason why I don’t enjoy it is because I was never any good at it. I remember at school being forced to run around a field and feeling terrible about myself because I could never keep up with everyone else and quite frankly it’s embarrassing to always be last and have everyone waiting for you to cross the finish line, and to not get picked for a team because you would make them lose. As a teenager the embarrassment actually stopped me from trying harder so I wouldn’t be the last, whereas now it spurs me on, one of life’s lessons has taught me that the harder I try the more lucky I seem to be. In reality it’s nothing to do with luck it’s the result of the hard work I’ve put in. Here’s how I’ve taught myself to be a better runner, and if you’re thinking about taking it up as a hobby maybe this will help get you started.


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Exercise Like An 80’s Kid!

As Fathers’ Day has just passed it got me to thinking about my childhood, yes we had tv and computer games but that was a treat most of our time was spent running around outside creating havoc and coming up absolutely exhausted and ready for dinner and bed! We seemed so much happier and healthier than the kids of today and we didn’t have a care in the world! So as part of my 80’s childhood nostalgia I thought it would be fun to look at the games we played as children and how they’re actually a great form of exercise for us adults. Why not arrange a fun get together with all your mates, dress like Jane Fonda and have an 80’s exercise day! I hope I can find a scrunchie for my hair!!!

Let’s start with hula hooping! This is a great exercise for working on that tough midsection, it helps develop core stability, teaches great balance and improves posture!

Skipping – This is a great way to burn some calories, 10 minutes of this is the same as 40 minutes running! This is an all over body workout, and will help you improve your flexibility whilst getting your heart rate up.

Bike Rides – Everyone remembers their first proper bike, and most importantly nobody ever forgets how to ride one so there’s no excuses! It’s a stress relieving activity (unless you’re riding through a minefield or something I can’t imagine that riding a bike would make that less stressful!), it’s a low impact activity so it’s easier on your joints so is a great alternative to running. And it works your glutes and quads for gorgeous looking gams! Winner 🙂

Climbing Trees – If you’ve never climbed a tree before then you have never lived!! I have so many memories of standing on a pair of step ladders in my garden standing on my tippy toes reaching for the lowest branch so I could swing myself up into the tree and then my brother and sister or friends would be on the ground below pretending to be a crocodile or some other child gobbling monster that wanted to eat me! Now it may take some convincing to get your friends or siblings to do this with you and what with health & safety these days it’s probably a better idea to just head to your nearest Go Ape or climbing warehouse where you can get a full body workout whilst safely harnessed and attached to ropes etc. to stop you getting any nasty bumps or bruises. It’s still a blast and you get a Go Ape Certificate!!

Roller Skating – Finally head to your nearest roller disco, you’d be surprised how many there are around! This is a full on aerobic workout, has a high calorific burn and because you’re using a full body motion you are working all of your muscles. Knee high socks? check! Roller skates? check! Now to remember how to do the cola bottle move without falling over and grazing my chin…….


Love Roo xx

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Bike Rides Rule!

“Riding through the city on my bike all day Cause the filth took away my license” ok so that’s not true, nobody’s taken my license but for some reason this Lily Allen song plays over and over in my head every time I ride a bike! 

Bike rides are pretty awesome and this is something me and Roo Boy are looking at doing this summer to keep ourselves active! We’re going to grab some bikes and head off to the forest of dean to do some cycle trails and then we’re going to go nuts and ride down hills like out of control steam trains and I cannot wait! The thought of riding a bike through rush hour traffic just doesn’t appeal to me but going to the forest sounds like heaven 🙂


Thankfully, it’s true what they say you never forget how to ride a bike, you may be a bit wobbly to begin with but you remember the technique it’s just getting the confidence again if you’ve not been on a bike for a while.

There are loads of benefits to be had from riding a bike, whether it’s a mosey on down by the canal or an insane mountain biking experience! Firstly cycling is easier on the joints than running, it engages your quads and your glutes (cute legs and butt ladies!), it also reduces stress and finally nothing beats being out in the fresh air! So what are you waiting for?! Grab a bike, grab a helmet and RIDE!

Love Roo xx

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Skipping isn’t just for little girls

Skipping is an activity I love! It instantly reminds me of my childhood and being out in the street having a skipping race with all my friends! Well it’s not just for kids and it’s a great activity to carry on into adulthood. There are so many benefits to be had from skipping:

  1. It improves your heart rate
  2. 10 minutes of skipping is the equivalent to 45 minutes of running (uh hello! I know what I would choose!)
  3. It’s a full body workout because you’re not just jumping about your working those shoulders to turn the rope, all the way down to the tippiest part of your tippy toes when you bouncing back off the balls of your feet
  4. Because it’s a weightbearing exercise it can help to improve your bone density

Once you’ve got used to skipping again, buy a weighted rope and work that body. Do jumping jacks with it, grab your mates and do some double dutch skipping. This is something that can be solo or with friends so can be as exciting as you dare to make it!

Here’s what your competition looks like!!

Pick up a skipping rope, I’d lean towards this Crossfit bestseller which is quite reasonably priced:

Happy skipping!! Love Roo xx

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Hula hooping for hips that don’t lie

Recently hulafit has fallen on to my radar, it’s been around for a while now but annoyingly as with all these fad exercises it only seems to be available in London 🙁 sad times for Roo. I think a 5 hour round trip is a bit excessive even though it seems insanely fun! I will have to settle for searching for youtube videos and heading out to the local park and hula hooping like a crazy lady!!

So why is hula hooping good for (and hulafit in particular)

  • Firstly it’s fun!
  • It develops your core strength because you are constantly contracting (pushing and pulling) your abdominals and obliques
  • It targets the torso which is wear we girlies tend to cling on to the last few lbs
  • Using a weighted hula hoop and gradually increasing the weight will help you develop strength
  • By completing the moves you will be improving your posture which instantly helps you look taller and leaner, and it will help you to have better balance

Hula hooping isn’t just about spinning a hoop around your waist, with these exercises you will be able to squat, jump and run whilst spinning that hoop (coordination skills will be worked to their utmost!) and you should also spin the hoop around all your limbs to get an all over body workout.

Now don’t just run out to your nearest kids store or supermarket and grab the girliest cutest hula hoop you can find, there’s actually a few things you need to consider when buying a hula hoop! I know right? Who knew it was going to get technical!

  1. Measure from your belly button to the floor and that’s the diameter of the hoop you need
  2. For fitness and strength improvement you should look for dimensions of around 25mm / 1inch, and for regular / dance (ie you want to do some tricks) you should look at a 20mm / 3/4 inch dimension tube.
  3. Weight – to begin with you it’s important that you get the moves and the techniques right so I would be looking at something up to a maximum of 800g / 1.5lbs but that is an absolute maximum.

I would start with this dance hoop to begin with and then look to build up from there. If you go for something too heavy and want to use it anywhere other than the waist you and you go for a heavier option you risk bruising yourself so best to work up to it!

    or if you’re from the US maybe look at this one:

Love Roo xx

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SLT Training – Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone

SLT is an exercise I am desperate to try! At the moment it only seems to be available on the other side of the pond and when it does come to the UK you can guarantee it’s only going to be available in London, which is no good for me!!

SLT has been summed up as “if cardio, strength training and pilates had a baby, it would be SLT”! It’s based on the holistic principles of pilates but heavily emphasises on strength training and cardio. It’s the result of people who want the benefits of the stretches from pilates but the sweat and exertion and sense of having done a workout that comes from strength training and cardio.

SLT training claims to achieve faster results in muscle definition than pilates would alone and is a firm favourite exercise of Sofia Vergara! If it’s good enough for her then it’s definitely good enough for me!

This form of workout is based on using a machine called the Megaformer which has a series of springs and pulleys and when utilised provides resistance and counter-resistance and therefore encouraging maximum exertion. Basically this exercise does what it says on the tin; it strengthens, lengthens and tones all of your muscles whilst getting your heart rate up and giving your body an exercise/">HIIT workout.

I definitely can’t wait for this to hit our shores as I would love to be able to give it ago. Although from looking at the SLTNYC website it does not come cheap, so at least I’ve got time to save whilst I wait for it to come our way!!

Check out this video though so you can see what’s in store!

Love Roo xx

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