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Focus T25 Alpha Phase Almost Complete!!

Holy moly! The time has come where I am doing my last ever Alpha Phase workouts this weekend and then next week I am moving on to the Beta Phase!!! I am actually bricking it!! Alpha was tough which means Beta is going to whoop my butt! I am scared because there are some areas that I still don’t feel strong enough on but am soooooo excited to get started!

It’s been so much easier to stick with Focus T25 than any other exercise because I do enjoy it and it is maintainable. It’s given my weightloss and fitness goal a real kick start and it’s been so encouraging to start seeing the results I wanted, and I’m not going to lie it’s been awesome to have people comment on how much fitter and healthier I’m looking!! And it’s great to know that I am finally looking after my body. And my fitness pal has definitely helped me along the way too! It makes all the sweat and tears worth it 🙂

Look out Beta Phase here I come! I will post my workout updates and some photos of my progress (when I’ve had time to get a spray tan, I don’t want to burn your retinas from my pale English skin!!)

See you all on the other side!!


Love Roo xx

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Focus T25 Review – Days 10 & 11

Day 10 – Speed – I am absolutely stoked about how I nailed this one! Compared to last week where I barely made it, I felt like I rocked this one! I was keeping up with the T25 team (I may not have looked as great as they did but I was definitely in time) As I had mentioned before my body is made for comfort and not for speed so I approached this workout with determination to prove that theory wrong and I have! It’s mind over matter! Woo!! Go Roo!

Day 11 – Cardio – The difficulty of doing an exercise program which requires you to do a workout every night is making a decision of whether or not to break other commitments and trying to live a life outside of the program. After my friend had a baby I promised I would be her running buddy to help her lose her baby weight. We started doing this a few nights a week and I really enjoy it, it’s fun to train with someone, I enjoy being the support for someone else, and I wouldn’t feel safe running on my own in the evening and wouldn’t want my friend to have to do that either. So there are a few reasons why I am not willing to give up running but the difficulty is the energy spent doing this depletes the energy that I can throw in to Focus T25, and then trying to fit this in alongside the 25 minute workout (50 minutes on Friday!) So I have cut down on the number of times I run during the week whilst I complete this program but when I do run and do Focus T25 afterwards I am mainly sticking to the modifier workout. Otherwise I find my body is too tired and I get the muscle shakes (picture Elvis’ leg uh-huh and that’s what mine look like about 5 minutes in!) and I can’t keep that focus and control. Hopefully as the weeks go on my fitness will improve to a level where I can throw myself into the full workout after a run and still be breathing at the end of it!!

Love Roo xx

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Focus T25 Review – Days 8 & 9

Day 8 – Cardio – This was a good workout to start the week by getting my heart racing and the blood pumping through my body. It definitely feels like it’s set my motivation and determination levels high. As per usual it is not easy but it’s definitely becoming less of a struggle.

Day 9 – Total Body Circuit (barely made it) – It’s becoming really apparent that my arms are not as strong as I need them to be to be able to do well at this workout. When it comes down to doing the floor / plank work the only place that I am really aching is in my shoulders and struggling with holding my body weight with my weedy little arms. This is disappointing as I am not getting the best core workout because of this. If I’m honest I am really scared about this one and being able to develop my arms enough in time for the BETA phase. I’ve read that the ALPHA phase is just a warm up compared to the BETA phase! I need to seriously step up my game if I want to survive BETA!

Love Roo xx

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Focus T25 Review – Day Five – Cardio & Lower Focus

FT25 Day 52 exercises in 1 day?! What a sham! This was sold as a 25 minute a day workout so imagine my shock and HORROR at being told to do 2 workouts in one day. Ok, so there’s 2 ways to look at this; 1 frustrating as it now means that I have to find 1 hour in my already busy schedule to exercise, or on the other hand, it means I get that an extra half hour tomorrow because I get a day off!!! Swings and roundabouts 🙂

I managed to do the 2 workouts this week but that’s because it fell on a bank holiday so I had a lot more time, so I did Cardio in the morning and then Lower Focus in the evening. I am not sure how I would manage this in a normal working week but I will certainly give it a go. Otherwise the alternative is that you do the 2nd workout on the following day and don’t take a rest day.

Cardio workout – This went well! On day one I did the cardio workout and my calfs could barely take it. They knew what was coming this time around and whilst it hurt it was no where near as intense as day one – Success!!

Lower Focus workout – I love pushing through the ache and powering through, but I am still struggling with putting speed into my workouts as I can’t seem to maintain the control of the movement when I add the speed.

I’m still also finding myself in the middle of the grading, whilst I am not Nailing It I’m also not falling into the Barely Made It category either. Aiming for Nailing It though!!

If you’ve done Focus T25 before, how long did it take you to nail it?


Love Roo xx

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Focus T25 Review – Day Four – Ab Intervals

Day four of Focus T25 Alpha Phase was the one I was most looking forward to! Ab Intervals!!! I looooooove working my abdominals.

So what did I enjoy about this workout? Well, without wanting to sound smug but what I was thrilled about was that I surprised myself with my own capability and stamina. Now I always think the attitude with which you approach an exercise will determine how successful you are with it, and because I was looking forward to this I think I did more than I thought I was capable of. But then do I enjoy it more because I am better at this type of exercise? I’m not sure, it’s kind of like the chicken and the egg question! Anyway, it is a lesson learned and I will definitely approach all the workouts with that enthusiasm and hopefully I will get the same satisfaction! You should try it too 🙂

I need to really work on my flexibility for certain exercises like the V-holds. And this is what I will be hoping to improve on over the coming weeks.

I also really like that Shaun T focused on the front and the back of your core muscles. I think sometimes it’s easy to get caught up on working the front because everyone wants those shredded and toned abs but it’s equally as important to work on the back of your core so you can build strength and stability and in turn work harder to achieve what you want!

Because I approached this with so much vigour I found towards the end I was a bit tired and wobbly and that made it harder to keep my balance, but again this is something I can remember for next time and hopefully it will get easier!


Love Roo xx

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Focus T25 Review – Day Three – Total Body Circuit

FT25 Day 3Today I have done the Day 3 Focus T25 workout, which is Total Body Circuit.

With this one there were a lot of progressional moves which Shaun T seems to love, and I can see why. It shows you where you begin to struggle and will help you to see where you’re improving over the weeks.

What I also found good is that because it was circuits it was changing the muscle group focus so just when I thought my poor thighs could take no more lunges and squats you would then do some jabs and focus on your core and I would forget how hard my quads were working. I think it’s great to have a distraction and lots of variation otherwise I end up concentrating on the ache and watching the timer!

However I often found that I couldn’t keep up with the speed at which they were all going and being able to maintain control over my movements. It’s really important to make sure you’ve got the moves perfected before you try and keep up, so at points of this workout I did slow it down or follow the modified routines so I could teach my muscles how to maintain that control. Sometimes I find that disheartening that I’m not keeping up, but then I just have to remind myself that by week 5 I should be at a level where I can keep up and I will see the improvement with ever time I do the workout!


Love Roo xx

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Focus T25 Review – Day Two – Speed 1.0

FT25 Day 2I have always said and still maintain that my body was built for comfort and not for speed so I was dreading this one!

As I mentioned in my Day One Review my calf muscles were already burning so I knew this was going to be tough and I can honestly say I had to tick the “I barely made it” check box on my schedule 🙁 But I did it so I get plus points for finishing 🙂

What really killed me was the final blowout where you go a little bit nuts and all I wanted to do was stop. So I looked to see what Tanya was doing as the modifier and kept up with her. I had a killer spin session a few years ago and always have a little bit of fear that I am going to injure myself again so sometimes that holds me back from really pushing myself to the max when I am already in pain. I am still learning how to listen to my body and to see what it will let me do. But in my opinion it’s best to push gently otherwise one moment of false confidence can result in weeks or months of not being able to exercise at all.

What I really enjoyed about the Speed workout is that whilst you don’t get a break you are almost made to feel like you get a rest period by breaking up the speed segments with stretch and balance exercises. You’re still working every muscle in your body especially your core but you feel like you can catch your breath and prepare yourself for that next burst you know is coming your way!

I’m looking forward to trying this again next week when my calf muscles are not so tight! I am hoping I will find it a bit easier, but as my other half kindly reminds me “there’s a lot of gravity working against those big legs of yours!” (cheeky sod!) so the proof will be in the pudding. Ooh pudding …….. no! Focus Roo! It’s all about Focus T25!!


Love Roo xx

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Focus T25 Review – Day One – Cardio

So as promised I am writing about and sharing my Focus T25 experience! Here’s how day one’s cardio exercise went:

I think having done Insanity, this wasn’t as much of a shock to the system however it was by no means easy! The big difference though is that you don’t get a single break so it’s constant and I found myself looking at the countdown which at times felt like it was standing still and tormenting me! I think if I hadn’t done Insanity then I would have really struggled with this workout as I had never really done high intensity workouts before.

It was super tough though, as usual there’s a lot of jumps, intensity and putting pressure on those calf muscles and the next day (and the day after that!) they were throbbing and felt like they were tearing in 2. The stairs became my nemesis! My boss found it hilarious as we went to London for the day and every tube station we got off at we had to take what felt like a million steps to get out. London folk if you heard someone screaming the “F” word whilst hobbling up the stairs that was me!!!

What I loved about Focus T25 was that it is achievable. When you mark off your schedule you can select that you nailed it or barely made it. I would like to think I was somewhere in the middle because whilst I wasn’t bouncing around like Tigger afterwards I also wasn’t lying on the floor in a heap and sobbing.

I also loved that Tania “The Machine” from Insanity was doing the modifier workout. I found her almost intimidating when I did Insanity because she was a machine and it’s really nice to see her as a bit more human in Focus T25 and doing an “easier” version of the workout. So for those exercises that you are struggling on you can drop down to a modified workout and still work hard and you can keep up with Tania The Machine!! Satisfaction levels high and smug face inducing! 🙂

My verdict: Love it! Hard work. Drink plenty of water before you start (and have a wee! You don’t want to stop half way through!), work hard and feel great about yourself even if you have to do the modifier workout – remember it’s only Day One, nobody expects you to be able to ace it. Bonus – It takes up less of my evening so I can do the other things I really enjoy too without it feeling like a burden or a chore.

I’d love to hear how you got on with it!


Love Roo xx

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