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Core Tabata

A picture of a muscular female belly over black background

This workout will really help to strengthen your core. It’s really important to remember that your core isn’t just about your abdominals it’s about your back too, to have a stable core you really need to think about both front and back. By improving your core it’s going to help with your strength for all lifting, pushing and pulling exercises and it’s really going to give you stability and balance.

Remember if you want to make this a great workout, take 1 minute rest and then repeat this circuit again until you’ve done it four times!

Love Roo xx

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Focus T25 Review – Days 12 – 14

Against my better judgement I stupidly decided that I should attempt the 2 exercises in one day straight after one another. That was a huuuuuuuge mistake! If I’d had a leisurely day at home I might have been able to manage it. However, after an early start and a full day at work this was just absurd!

Day 12’s double workout consisted of lower focus and ab intervals. It’s great that it’s working on 2 separate areas but your core is still engaged for the lower focus so it’s hard going. I find that the only way to survive both is to not go nuts with it and to really pace myself. Otherwise I’ve burned myself out and don’t have the energy to continue into the second set of exercises.

I bet I will be begging for these double workouts when I get to the Beta Phase!

The other update is my stats for Day 13, so here goes:

Weight: 9st 3.6lb

Chest: 31.5″

Waist: 27″

Arms: 10 3/4″

Thigh: 22″

The fact that I’m heading in the right direction definitely makes it worth it.


Love Roo xx

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Focus T25 Review – Days 10 & 11

Day 10 – Speed – I am absolutely stoked about how I nailed this one! Compared to last week where I barely made it, I felt like I rocked this one! I was keeping up with the T25 team (I may not have looked as great as they did but I was definitely in time) As I had mentioned before my body is made for comfort and not for speed so I approached this workout with determination to prove that theory wrong and I have! It’s mind over matter! Woo!! Go Roo!

Day 11 – Cardio – The difficulty of doing an exercise program which requires you to do a workout every night is making a decision of whether or not to break other commitments and trying to live a life outside of the program. After my friend had a baby I promised I would be her running buddy to help her lose her baby weight. We started doing this a few nights a week and I really enjoy it, it’s fun to train with someone, I enjoy being the support for someone else, and I wouldn’t feel safe running on my own in the evening and wouldn’t want my friend to have to do that either. So there are a few reasons why I am not willing to give up running but the difficulty is the energy spent doing this depletes the energy that I can throw in to Focus T25, and then trying to fit this in alongside the 25 minute workout (50 minutes on Friday!) So I have cut down on the number of times I run during the week whilst I complete this program but when I do run and do Focus T25 afterwards I am mainly sticking to the modifier workout. Otherwise I find my body is too tired and I get the muscle shakes (picture Elvis’ leg uh-huh and that’s what mine look like about 5 minutes in!) and I can’t keep that focus and control. Hopefully as the weeks go on my fitness will improve to a level where I can throw myself into the full workout after a run and still be breathing at the end of it!!

Love Roo xx

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Focus T25 Review – Day Four – Ab Intervals

Day four of Focus T25 Alpha Phase was the one I was most looking forward to! Ab Intervals!!! I looooooove working my abdominals.

So what did I enjoy about this workout? Well, without wanting to sound smug but what I was thrilled about was that I surprised myself with my own capability and stamina. Now I always think the attitude with which you approach an exercise will determine how successful you are with it, and because I was looking forward to this I think I did more than I thought I was capable of. But then do I enjoy it more because I am better at this type of exercise? I’m not sure, it’s kind of like the chicken and the egg question! Anyway, it is a lesson learned and I will definitely approach all the workouts with that enthusiasm and hopefully I will get the same satisfaction! You should try it too 🙂

I need to really work on my flexibility for certain exercises like the V-holds. And this is what I will be hoping to improve on over the coming weeks.

I also really like that Shaun T focused on the front and the back of your core muscles. I think sometimes it’s easy to get caught up on working the front because everyone wants those shredded and toned abs but it’s equally as important to work on the back of your core so you can build strength and stability and in turn work harder to achieve what you want!

Because I approached this with so much vigour I found towards the end I was a bit tired and wobbly and that made it harder to keep my balance, but again this is something I can remember for next time and hopefully it will get easier!


Love Roo xx

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30 Day Abs Challenge

If you’re anything like me, I need a plan in order to stay on top of my goals and to keep me motivated. Sometimes it is really easy to not push yourself and just say it’s better than not doing it at all. Whilst that statement is true, it’s not the way you will ever see results! So try taking the 30 day abs challenge. Push yourself and see what you can achieve! And to really encourage yourself take photos throughout the 30 days to see your progress. Good luck!

Abs-olutely worth it!

Abs-olutely worth it!


Love Roo xx

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Ab-ra cadabra!

Annoyingly there is no magic trick that will give you great abs only hard HARD work.

Now girls, I am sorry to break it to you but unfortunately it is a million times harder for us girls to get a six pack then it is for a man. You can do 200 sit ups a day but if you’re not eating healthily every single day you will never see that six pack materialise.

So as well as eating right take a look at the 30 day abs challenge to get you on your way to that washboard stomach!

Love Roo xx

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Plankedy Plank

What I like most about the plank is that it engages your whole body and whilst it’s tough you can really see progression through this simple yet effective exercise.

There are 2 options with this and I would always recommend starting off with “easier” option just so you can perfect your positioning before rushing ahead.

1. Lie on the floor face down and put your elbows directly under your shoulders and join your hands to make a triangle.

2. Make sure your toes are pressed into the floor

3. Using your core raise yourself off the ground supporting your weight on your forearms and toes and keep that belly button squeezed in but keeping your butt down so your body is perfectly aligned from feet through to the top of your head.

4. Hold for 1 minute and then release and lower yourself back to the floor.

5. Give yourself a 45 second break and then repeat another 2 times.

The advanced option is to repeat all of the above only rather than resting on your forearms you should be placing the palms of your hands directly below your shoulders and pushing yourself up completely into a press-up starting position and holding yourself there, again keeping your spine neutral and in line.

If it starts getting too easy start increasing the amount of time you hold the position and reducing the rest period in between.


Love Roo xx

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Fits Like The Brits

Wowsers!! The Brit Awards were amazing and filled with some show stopping outfits! I can’t count how many times me and my friends whimpered and said those words “oh I wish I was her!” Ok, so here’s the deal I can eat right and exercise well but unfortunately I can’t do anything about my terrible singing voice! Here’s a list of some of my favourite celebs and their outfits, and how we can wear them with the same confidence:

Ellie Goulding had a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood gown on that showed off a lot of leg and bust.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely wore a gorgeous short red glittery number with detail at the waist, her toned and slender limbs looked amazing

Beyonce didn’t flash much flesh in her floor length sequined gown but still showed off her enviable curves, that dress could only be worn and have the same affect with her perfectly toned abs and bottom.


Katy Perry modelled a below the knee dress that would be unforgiving for anyone with cankles! Calf exercises are a must!

Click on any of the links above to take a look at the exercises to give you a Brits worthy body!


Love Roo xx


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