Spot Reduction – It’s A Myth

fat burningHow many times have you heard someone claiming that they do 200 situps in a day and accredit their washboard stomach to it? Yes, those situps will help develop the muscle but it won’t do jack about the layer of fat over those abdominals. It’s a common misconception that you can exercise to target a specific area and thereby reduce the fat in that area – wrong. Spot reduction of fat is a myth. Fact. Keep reading and I will tell you why and what you can do about it!

Unfortunately your genetics play a HUGE part in how you individually lose body fat. If the first place you put weight on is around your butt, then your thighs, then your stomach and back, then it will come off again in the reverse order. I’m not telling you this to be mean or to make you feel like this is an impossible task, I am telling you this to set your expectations and to keep you motivated when you look at your before and after photos and you’re not losing fat in the place you want to lose it the most. It will come though, you just have to work hard and be patient and you will get the results you want. Remember; if it was easy then everyone would look like a Victoria Secret model!! In the first few months I cried a lot from frustration because I so desperately wanted my legs to be smaller and all I could think was I am working my butt off on leg exercises and whilst there was a noticeable difference it wasn’t as big of a difference as I wanted it to be or had expected it to be, but if you look at my before and after photo now the change is obvious and worth it! It’s taken time and effort.

The best analogy I’ve heard it described as is like filling up a swimming pool. You can’t fill up one end of the pool first and it’s exactly the same for draining it. Your body acts in the same way, to lose body fat you need to burn it. In order to burn it you need to eat less calories than you burn through exercising and then your body will start to burn the fat stored in your body for energy. It can take a while to get the balance right with this because you need to also take in enough calories to be able to perform the exercises and build muscle, so think of food as fuel everything you put into your body will help you to have the energy to perform the moves to burn the fat. You can use calculators on apps such as my fitness pal to get a guide on how many calories you should be eating daily.

A common mistake to make is to confuse muscle and definition building with fat loss. You can do target exercises to strengthen the muscle in an area i.e. glutes, abs, arms, legs etc. however if you want the fat over that muscle to go away you need to eat well, and exercise and to ensure your body burns the fat stored for energy you need to consume less calories than you can burn.

And if it really helps when you’re working out imagine the sound of your fat screaming as it burns! It never fails to bring a smile to my face and urge me on when I feel like quitting!

Love Roo xx

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