Rocking The Boyfriend Look

Superdry Boyfriend JeansAfter years of battling with the skinny jeans dilemma – in that they NEVER used to fit me – I then became obsessed with them and wouldn’t stop wearing them because I could finally show off my brand new, hard earned fitter self. So as my obsession grew so did my skinny jeans collection and then lo and behold my wardrobe consisted of nothing but skinny jeans and leggings! I have finally broken out of the pattern and have purchased a pair of boyfriend jeans! I am definitely one of those people who buys a new item of clothing and wants to wear it constantly and I am totally feeling that way about these ripped Superdry boyfriend jeans and my jofi hidden wedge trainers! My brother calls me Tulisa when I wear this get up and asks me if I’m going to be performing in a hip hop music video but what do boys know about fashion?!

They definitely took a while to get used to after spending the last year and a half in skin tight fitted clothes, but I love how versatile they are. They look equally as cute paired with a fitted tee and flip flops or pumps. I think the key to pulling off the baggy jeans look is to wear them with cropped tops or fitted tops to make sure you don’t look swamped by clothes and for us shorties wearing them with heels is a great way to stop your legs looking shorter! Keep it casual with hidden wedge trainers and limit the accessories.

Love Roo xx

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