Pre-Holiday Beauty Regime

beauty by the seaNow I’m a little bit naughty and sometimes I let life get in the way of me following a strict beauty and pampering routine. Which is really daft, I spend so much time making my body look the way I want it to and making sure I am healthy from the inside but sometimes I don’t really look after the outside 🙁 So I like to use going away on holiday as a way to jump start my beauty regime and try and keep it going for as long as I can. The thing I’ve found this year is that I can do a lot of the treatments myself whereas before I was a bit too anxious about trying to dye my own eyebrows etc. But you really can save a tonne of money doing a lot of stuff yourself and then you can treat yourself to the bits you really want to 🙂 So here are my top pre-holiday beautifying products and how I use them!

First things first – I have started dying my own eyebrows. I used Eylure DYBROW 45 Day – Brown and it’s fantastic! I used an ear bud dipped in vaseline to create a protective layer around my eyebrows, then followed the instructions on the box and left the dye on for the longest time recommended. This last for a few weeks and the product I bought will last for months or even up to a year so at the cost of £5.54 it’s much cheaper and time efficient than going to the salon. Just make sure you put some towels down because if you get the dye on anything it’s not going to come out!

After my eyebrows have been dyed I get some thread and I thread my eyebrows; check out this link on my pinterest page to help you if it’s your first time threading!

Whilst I am focussing on defuzzing my eyebrows I then move on to the other hair I don’t want hanging on. After a traumatic waxing experience, I have since tried the Nair Argan Oil Roll-On Wax it seems a bit steep at £11.95 but it’s really worth it. I honestly wouldn’t use anything else, this was really soft and moisturising on my legs and was really easy to heat up, apply and take off. I wasn’t left with any red marks, stubborn wax sticking my legs or anything that I’ve experienced before. I am yet to try this on my armpits and bikini line yet but I am definitely going to give it a shot before I go to Mexico next week! After the results I got with my legs I’m not concerned about using anywhere else. The last thing I want to be doing is shaving when I could be out playing in the sunshine 🙂

Now that my body is hair free, it’s time to start buffing and shining! I recently discovered Nohe’a skin care products. I have heard about girls using coffee scrubs before but hadn’t tried it and then when I came across nohe’a coffee scrubs with grapefruit, coconut, cacao or peppermint flavours I found it hard to choose just one! In the end I went with the grapefruit because I thought fresh and fruity would put me in the holiday mood! This product is packed with Vitamins A & C, minerals and anti-oxidants that will help your skin to feel and look amazing, fresh, soft and helps to get rid of stretch marks and acne (both of which I have suffered from). If I get a really bad breakout then I try and use my CLINIQUE 7 Day Scrub, these are also great for travelling with as it can help get the sand out of my pores after a day on the beach or playing the sea.

Next after my skin is scrubbed within an inch of it’s life I like to moisturise it! And my current favourite and will be packed in my suitcase for sure is Dove Pampering Oil with Vanilla and Shea Butter. This is the first product I’ve found where my skin feels moisturised hours or even a day later. You need to be careful to not overload on it though otherwise your skin feels a little bit greasy!  But used in moderation and it gives your skin a subtle shimmer and glow as well as keeping your skin lovely and smooth and soft.

Last on my list is my nails both hands and feet! It’s really important that these are groomed to perfection. I always pack an emergency bottle of nail polish in with my makeup but I prefer to get a shellac manicure and pedicure done before I go away. This makes it hassle free and I don’t have to waste any time touching up my nails. I really hate matching nails to outfits etc. so I always tend to go for a bright coral colour, it looks great with a tan and I think it looks great with all outfits! This is the one thing I allow myself to be treated to, all of the rest I do at home to keep the cost down so I can spend more money doing the things I love and having experiences on holiday whilst living a gorgeously groomed hassle free life 🙂 Ahhhhhh holiday!!

pre holiday beauty

The only thing I haven’t covered is eyelash tinting and that’s because I’m yet to find a product to use at home. So I will update you on this when I found one worth writing about!!

Love Roo xx

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