Paleo Beef Stuffed Peppers

Over the weekend I decided to make some stuffed peppers, now these don’t need to be done in the slow cooker, you could quite easily cook these in the oven for an hour just like my stuffed romano pepper recipe but it was handier for me to be able to put these in the slow cooker whilst I went out and about and did all of my chores over the weekend and could leave these cooking. And also it’s so exciting to come home and smell dinner cooking because it makes it feel like someone else has cooked for you for a change!!

Paleo stuffed peppers


This recipe is really simple, all you need to do is get a blender and mix together your cauliflower, minced beef, onion, courgette and carrot (and anything else you might want to add). Chop the top off of each pepper and deseed. Then spoon in the mixture and replace the top. Pop your peppers in the slow cooker and then pour in some pasata and beef stock until it rises up to about 1.5cm and cook on low for 6 hours. Simples!

Love Roo xx

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