Myth Buster – Muscle won’t turn into Fat or vice versa

muscle and fat

Roo Boy and I were having a big discussion about this the other day and it triggered me to write this post because it is definitely one of the biggest myths out there and it’s a phrase I often use but the meaning isn’t literal; “Let’s turn that fat into muscle”. This scientifically cannot happen.

When this is said you are not chemically and magically changing your fat into muscle, you are replacing it, in that you are burning and losing fat whilst building muscle and tone so that you are replacing what you see when you look at yourself. Let’s set the record straight; fat is fat and muscle is muscle. They cannot become one another just as much as I can’t turn my finger into a toe!

In the reverse of this if you stop working out your muscle will not convert in to fat. In fact the more muscle you have the more it will help you to burn fat. When “muscle turns into fat” what is actually happening is that you are not working out and therefore not working your muscles so they can start to slowly reduce in size, you might start consuming more calories than you are burning and therefore not burning the fat, and the fat is going to start getting stored around your body. This is just fat being fat by nature and not your muscle turning into fat!

Hopefully that’s cleared that one up and Roo Boy and I will be able to sleep at night knowing that I’ve spread the word and helped people to understand what is fact and what is fiction.

Love Roo xx

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