My Vitamins Total Acai Berry

My Vitamins Total Acai BerryI am the first to admit that I don’t really like fruit and berries but it’s mainly because of their texture, I fully appreciate the benefits that these foods can bring to your health so I have to take supplements to receive the nutrients that I otherwise wouldn’t get from other foods; My Vitamins Total Acai Berry supplements are helping me to do just that! As a teenager I didn’t really suffer from acne but as my hormones changed in my early twenties and again as I turned 30 I have suffered with adult acne 🙁 My diet is healthier than it has ever been but there are still a few things missing from it such as fruits and berries, so the My Vitamins Total Acai Berry supplements are providing me with some key antioxidants that help to improve skin health and also improves the immune system. Read on to hear all about the benefits of My Vitamins Total Acai Berry supplements and how they can help with weight loss and improve the skin …….

The first thing to note about the Acai Berry is that it is naturally high in fibre – 45% – so is great for digestion and therefore aids weight loss.

It has potent antioxidant properties which actually means that it will help to fight the signs of ageing. It’s also high in Vitamin C so this also helps to prevent damage to the skin which can age it prematurely.

The Acai Berry is also an anti inflammatory, so this means it will help fight against skin complaints such as acne or psoriasis and will help to lessen stretch marks..

Another key benefit of the Acai Berry is that it has plenty of Vitamin A which creates Dentin – you guessed it that’s about your teeth – this will help strengthen your tooth enamel therefore helping to give you a brighter smile and some healthy teeth!

The serotonin as with the My Vitamins Complete Sleep supplements I have also been taking will really help you to sleep better (this is when your skin takes time to heal and repair itself) and will also assist with cognitive functions!

And finally every 100g of Acai Berry contains 9g of plant protein! This is really going to help build and maintain lean muscle mass and also helps to cushion and protect your joints, so is really great for those exercisers who need that extra help on the wear and tear exercising may be having on their bodies! I know I feel it sometimes!

With these you only need to take 1 a day so I’ve been taking these in the morning before I have my breakfast. As a combination with the My Vitamins Complete Sleep and My Vitamins Carb Blockers I have noticed a difference in my skin. It definitely feels a bit plumper, and my complexion appears to be improving, my sleep quality has improved drastically. I am hoping this will clear up my acne and as a big bonus I am keeping my fingers crossed that those pesky stretch marks may fade a bit! I will definitely keep you posted on that one as I know it affects most of us!

Love Roo xx

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