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Back in October I decided to start using My Proteins’ Elle True Diet Protein Shake. I had plateaued in my weight loss and needed something to give me that extra helping hand to staying on track and to also give me the extra protein I needed to improve my muscle for the hard training I was putting my body through.

I had been on holiday and had been a little bit naughty with my diet (I mean I had been working hard for 9 whole months prior to that so I deserved those cheeky cocktails by the pool as a treat!). Due to that splurge I had a lot of water retention in that week that I came back, so I decided to use the Elle True Diet Protein Shake with skimmed milk as a breakfast substitute.

In that first week I saw a huge drop in weight from 8st 6lbs down to 8st 2lbs however the weeks following that first big decrease the protein shake has helped me remain at a more consistent weight fluctuating by 1lb either way of my first week results with my lowest weight reaching 8st.

I have also been taking some measurements with a tape measure and a calliper as I don’t think you should ever go solely on weight, as I have been training hard I would also expect to be increasing muscle mass, so I wanted to determine whether I was losing inches but gaining muscle and definition. I think with things like this as well it is really important to take photographs so you can see a physical record of how you’re progressing. You see your body every day with a critical eye, so it you take a snapshot of how you look at different stages you can see your results. As with the weight loss I experienced the same with the measurements in that I haven’t decreased a huge amount (about half an inch around my bust and hip areas, with the biggest difference being an inch lost on my thighs) but what I have noticed is my muscle definition is increasing and my stamina and recovery is vastly improved.

There are a few pro’s and con’s to using the protein shake every day and here’s my thoughts:

Pros –

  • The chocolate flavour definitely helped to satisfy my sweet sugar cravings
  • As someone who works away from home quite frequently it’s proved to be a useful meal substitution where eating out would hinder my healthy eating plan, or when arriving home late and I don’t want to eat a heavy meal. It’s so easy to take out and about with me as I can just bag up scoops of powder and store them all inside my shaker so doesn’t take up too much space and then you can always find somewhere to buy a pint of milk when you’re out and about. This has been a real life saver for some of my trips away.
  • Can add it to various recipes – such as pancakes, brownies, pumpkin bread, almond milk hot chocolate drink with coconut cream topping (yum!) I think sometimes you do have to mix it up a bit and add some variety. Whilst mundane repetition builds routine, I find it can sometimes lead me to break because I need some change. So if you can be adventurous then try and add it to a recipe instead.
  • I’ve found that my strength is vastly improving with lifting weights and my muscle recovery is faster than when I wasn’t using it

Cons –

  • It’s not very filling, if I have the shake for breakfast I quite often find myself peckish by mid-morning.
  • It can be a bit monotonous
  • It’s not as flavoursome with water as it is with skimmed milk and having it with milk increases my daily milk intake quite significantly than I was having previously – hence adding to other breakfast recipes such as flapjacks or pancakes
  • Changing eating habits can have an effect on bowel movement and can take a time to settle again.

In my opinion the pros definitely outweigh the cons and it has certainly helped me with achieving my goals, and I have really enjoyed experimenting with putting my protein powder into different recipes to add some variety! So watch this space for when I upload some of my recipes! But here’s some sneaky previews of my protein brownies and protein powder pumpkin bread! yum yum!

protein powder brownieProtein Powder Pumpkin Bread








Love Roo xx

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