My Obsession with Canton Chef Continues….

So those of you who have been following my blog since the summer will know that I have a little bit of an obsession with Canton Chef products! I discovered their awesome products at a Whole Foods Market local food fair back in the summer and cannot stop eating them! Canton Chef definitely noticed my love affair and very kindly sent me a sample of their sweet and sour stir fry sauce and I have been itching to get it in my wok and in to my mouth! So I’ve been waiting for a day for Roo Boy to be away so I don’t have to share and that day has finally come……… 🙂 I prepped my veggies for the stir fry (bell peppers, half a red onion, a carrot, a handful of sugar snap peas and some broccoli florets), then I  steamed some cauliflower to soften before putting in the blender to make some cauliflower rice, I had my sachet of sweet and sour sauce and some turkey meatballs which I chopped in half and fried with my veg, nom nom nom! Within 30 minutes of getting through my front door I was sitting down with a bowl full to bursting with colour and yumminess! I just about managed to save some for my lunch tomorrow too 🙂

Sweet & Sour Stir FryCanton chef Stir Fry Sweet & Sour

Canton Chef Sweet & Sour stir Fry

What I love about the Canton Chef range is that it’s so quick and easy. I feel like I’m having a fast food option without sacrificing the flavour and quality of the food. Sometimes I love spending a bit of time perfecting a meal, but other days I just want to fling a load of ingredients in to a pan and let the product add the perfection for me with next to no effort from me!

There are so many reasons why I am sold on this product;

1.    It tastes delicious, is versatile and has the taste of authentic Chinese food.

2.    It’s gluten free – so I don’t get the gluten belly bloat

3.    It’s got a great selection of sauces and mixes in varying flavours, including black bean and curry (which if you are coeliac you will know that these are a rare find indeed!), and it certainly puts to bed all of those rumours about gluten free recipes being bland and dull. My diet doesn’t require me to eat gluten free, I am choosing to use these sauces in my cooking purely because of the flavour it brings and for me it’s an added bonus that it’s gluten free.

4.    It’s a company that’s local to me and is produced in the UK, I think it’s really important to support your local and home grown businesses.

5.    There are no artificial ingredients, flavours or colours and is MSG free. I don’t want an nasties in my food.

6.    It’s available in supermarkets and local farm shops, delis etc. so I haven’t got to go on an expedition to find them (you can check their stockists on

7.    And finally, their products are inexpensive so makes it excellent value for money. I always resent having to pay more for the healthy ingredients but this ticks all of the boxes for me.

I hope Roo Boy goes away next week so I can have it again and enjoy another date night with Canton Chef 🙂

Love Roo xx

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