Muscle Strength Imbalance

muscle anatomy editSome people may notice that one side of their body is stronger than the other, I have noticed that my right arm is stronger than my left and this is something I really have to work on and find really frustrating. It’s quite normal but it just takes some clever exercising to get yourself even! Here’s some tips on what you should do if you find you have a muscular imbalance.



Firstly – You need to assess why there is an imbalance. If it’s as a result of a medical issue then it is always best to speak to your doctor for specific advice about this. But you need to figure out where the imbalance is and where you need to work on. With me for example the weakness is not just my left arm but my left shoulder in particular, you need to really drill down in to and find out where the imbalance is so you can target and rectify it.

Secondly – Start working on single side exercises. By doing this you will need to focus on getting your weaker side to match your stronger side. Don’t increase the weight on your strong side; just try and maintain the muscle and strength. And then gradually work your weaker side to match your stronger side. And once they match you can then start to increase together. By doing single side exercises it will really challenge your core as well as you will need to ensure you don’t lose your form.

Thirdly – You MUST make sure you are warming up and cooling down / stretching out afterwards to improve your flexibility. This will really help you to progress with each attempt.

And finally, don’t forget that you can cause your own imbalances by not doing opposing exercises. If you are working on your abs you need to do an opposing exercise to work your back, otherwise the front side of your core muscles will be getting stronger but your back isn’t keeping up. The same goes for your chest and upper back etc. for everything you do on one side make sure you even it out and work the opposing muscles to ensure you don’t cause yourself an imbalance or injury.

Love Roo xx

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