Metallic Temporary Tattoos

temporary jewellery tattoo

Tesora London – Topaz Collection

For a while now I have been desperate to get my little mitts on some of these jewellery temporary tattoos! I’ve been desperately waiting for the sun to put its hat on so I could come out to play! And thankfully this weekend and Tesora London’s temporary tattoos did not disappoint!

I got my fake tan on so I could get ready to bare my limbs in public and what a perfect opportunity to try out these gorgeous gold, silver and turquoise coloured temporary tats!

The first thing people tend to think of when you mention transfer tattoos is when you were a kid and you were on the summer holidays and your parents would let you wear your mickey mouse transfer tattoos! Well the excitement is probably about the same if not more but these are definitely more glamorous and grown up!

What may seem like a weird thing to like is that you get the sparkle and glitter but it’s not something that gets in the way. I love bangles but I really hate them clanging against a desk as I type or that feeling of them constantly sliding up and down my forearm as I move about and generally just being noisy and irritating! With my tiny wrists I always find it a struggle to find a bangle that doesn’t fall off over my hand as well. And also sometimes I don’t want to wear expensive jewellery for fear of losing it. So these instant bangles which are obviously weightless, soundless, once size fits all and affordable were already on to a winner with me! And it’s a great way to draw attention to a feature of your outfit or to compliment a piece of jewellery you are wearing.

It’s a really quick and effective way to instantly glam up an outfit. I wore these on Saturday down to the New Forest with a simple coral dress and a pair of flip flops. I got loads of comments and questions about my Tesora London tattoos! I definitely don’t dress for anyone but myself but you do get some feel good fuzziness when strangers comment on your style and give you a compliment – it’s such a buzz!

It’s a bit of a challenge to choose how to display them purely because there is so much choice and whilst part of me wants to wear every single item I also remember Coco Channel’s wise words of before you leave the house take one thing off. But if you struggle with creative flair there are plenty of ideas on the @TesoraLondon Instagram page.

One thing I was super impressed with is their durability. After putting my arm candy on and going to the New Forest for the day I squeezed myself in to an already wet wetsuit (and those of you that have done this understand that this is a challenge in itself! It’s like trying to squeeze toothpaste back in to the tube!) and my jewellery tattoos came out still intact. That was the ultimate test for me as I always want to know what the worst case scenario is when I try something new and want to wear it on a night out, so ladies unless you plan on rubbing against sandpaper all night I am pretty confident that these will last as long as you do, and will be there to put a smile on your face the day after 🙂 These are going to be a festival smash!

temporary jewellery tattoo

Tesora London – Topaz Collection

Tesora London also has a vast range of different styles to suit everyone so be sure to check out their website and get yours in for the festival season! Even if you’re not hitting the festivals this year you’ll have a blast adding these to your outfits 🙂

Love Roo xx

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