Maca Packa Powa

I had to think carefully about posting this but figured it’s up to individuals how they use this information. With maca comes great responsibility!

Maca powder also known as Peruvian ginseng is a supplement that can be used for boosting energy. It was used by Inca warriors before battle to help with energy, endurance and stamina. So if you want to workout like a warrior then this is the thing for you!! It’s also been recommended for boosting libido, improving fertility, balancing hormones and boosting immunity. Now whilst I am obviously not your GP before I go any further it has also been suggested that because of the improved fertility and hormone balancing property if you take too much then it could have an affect on your birth control methods which is why I am debating on whether or not to use it at the moment!

Anyway back to the maca powder properties. As I mentioned above it balances hormones which is great for those people who suffer from migraines. And it is a natural fix rather than taking tablets. It is also good for improving skin complaints such as acne. But again if you overload on it and take more than the recommended dosage then it will have the reverse effect so there’s a little bit of science here for getting it right for your body.


This is a paleo product so it’s on my approved list! It is better in it’s non-cooked form but you can mix it in with flour when baking if you like. The best way to consume maca powder is to pop it in a smoothie! Here are some ideas:

  • Ultimate Chocolate Paleo Thick Shake –
  • Green Kale Smoothie –
  • Aphrodisiac Cacao Smoothie –

Love Roo xx

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