Let’s Do Some Stalking!

If you haven’t heard about http://www.mystockstalker.com then you’ve got some explaining to do! It really is the perfect crime!

How many times have you been looking at something online or in a shop and you’ve got a set price in your head for what you’re willing to pay, only problem is retailers aren’t a car boot sale or market stall so haggling is out of the question so you just need to be patient and wait for it to go on sale. And that’s where my stock stalker comes in handy! This little gem of a site allows you to basically tag an item and then put in the price you want to pay for it and when it drops to that price online you get a notification! GENIUS!!

Here’s how I’m using it at the moment. I’ve got a wedding to go to and I’ve got the perfect dress which is quite simple but I really want to add a gorgeous statement necklace to it to make it pop and give it a Roo-over! So I’ve added the “Stalk Item” button to my favourites bar and I’ve been trawling through some of my favourite sites and adding the necklaces I like and the prices I like them at, (handy tip if you leave it at ANY then it will just notify you if there is any fluctuation in price).

What was also handy is that they’ve got a list of supported websites too, so I was able to search through their list to see if there were any new and exciting sites that I’ve not heard off and wanted to check some things out on there too! Here’s my stalkers directory so far!


Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the prices to drop and then make a “Deal or No Deal” decision! This is going to be soooooo addictive! I’m going to start planning my holiday wardrobe on a budget! I am NEVER going to pay full price for anything again thanks to mystockstalker.com!!

Now stop reading this and go and try it for yourself! And tell us what bargains you’ve found so we can all share in your stock stalking glory 🙂 Good luck!

Love Roo xx

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