Late Night Snacker – How to stop your Snacks in their Tracks

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Are you a late night snacker? I used to be and oh boy let me tell you how this was such a hard habit to break! And unfortunately if you want to lose those extra pounds then you’ve got to break this habit 🙁 Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. The reason why late night eating is bad for you is because of the way your body functions; at night time your metabolism will start to slow down, also your body will be digesting food whilst you’re sleeping; whilst these doesn’t seem so terrible it does have a knock on effect because your body is working hard at digesting the food it’s not helping your body to rest and restore itself, this means you will probably have interrupted sleeping patterns and when you’re tired and cranky the next day you want to reach out for the bad foods that’s going to give you a sugar rush to pick you up again. Not good. Read on to hear my tips for stopping your snacks in their tracks!

I’ve had people ask me about this a few times and those that have heeded my advice have been so grateful to have finally broken the cycle. It remains a challenge sometimes but it’s all about noticing what triggers you to want to snack and how you can stop it.

Firstly – make sure you’re actually eating enough calories during the day. Use a calorie tracking app to calculate what you’ve eaten in comparison to what you’ve burned and what you need to burn in order to achieve your goals. Make sure you are hitting this target by your last meal of the day.

Secondly – Ensure that the calories you are consuming are good fuel. you’re going to feel a lot fuller by feeding yourself with lots of veg and protein than you are with a chocolate bar. So it’s not just about eating your allocated calories, it’s about evaluating what fuel you are putting into your body.

Thirdly – Find out what your trigger is. Are you bored? Are you thirsty? Is it because the darned adverts late at night all seem to be food based?! (this really bugs me!) Find out what is making you get up and go to the fridge or the cupboard and be honest with yourself. Once you’ve found out what it is, you can become aware of it and try and counter balance it. Bored? Pick up the phone and talk to someone, that’ll take your mind off of your belly! Drink some water, so many people mistake thirst pangs as hunger pangs. If it’s the adverts, maybe you could mute them, or maybe you could quickly do something away from the tv, like do the washing up, anything to not focus on it. Don’t be a sucker for advertising!

Fourthly – Don’t have the bad snacks in the house. It is hard to resist temptation sometimes and if it’s there you want it. If it’s not in the house then you can’t eat it.

Finally – And this may sound a bit extreme but if you still can’t ignore it go to bed! I’ve done this a few times and the extra hour’s sleep has actually done me more good than eating something and having an interrupted nights sleep because of it.

Well I hope my advice helps, and believe me when I say I have been there and I feel your pain, even now as I’m writing about food at 10pm is making me dream of naughty nibbles but what I’m going to do is get a cup of tea and read a book before having a good nights kip! And I hope you can do the same! And on that note I also want to say if you do cave in, don’t beat yourself up because it is hard, just don’t let that be an excuse to keep doing it day after day. Don’t let one bad day turn into a week. Try your best every day and it’ll get easier 🙂

Love Roo xx

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