KettlebellKettlebells are pretty awesome equipment! They will work every area of your body when you use them! So if you want a great butt, arms, back, leg and core workout get your kettlebell out!

These are a great addition to your home gym equipment because not only do they help you to utilise every muscle in your body, but they also don’t take up a huge amount of space (and even doubles up as a handy doorstop when you’re not using it 😛 !!). I’ll admit these scared me a little bit to begin with because I was convinced swinging a kettlebell would end up with me letting go by accident and flinging it through the wall but it’s really a lot more fun than you would think and so far so good I’ve not turned it into a wrecking ball and knocked through the wall into my neighbours house! The other thing that frightened me was that I thought lifting any kind of weight would make me bulk up or lose my feminine shape. It’s really not the case, it will change your body but it will tone and define your shape and make your curves look amazing and svelte! It’s going to work your back, your waist, your arms, your abdominals, your legs, your shoulders, literally the whole shebang!

The only person I can credit for encouraging me to pick up a kettlebell is Zuzka Light from ZGym. I actually came across her website a few years ago when I had no idea what I was doing and was looking for a skipping rope workout, and I came across some of her kettlebell workouts too. Here’s a link to one of her latest one’s which I absolutely love! It only takes 5 minutes and makes you sweat like a beast! It takes a couple of minutes for her to get to the workout but it’s definitely worth it! Give it a go and see how you get on 🙂

If you’re looking to buy a kettlebell then here’s a few tips on how to choose one that’s right for us girls! If you’ve previously not been very active and you will be attempted Zuzka’s workout which is a grind movement (as opposed to a ballistic movement – which is slower and heavier) then you should start with a weight between 4kg and 6kg, if you active or athletic then you should look at starting with a kettlebell between 6kg & 8kg (you should be able to press it overhead comfortable around 10 times). Here’s a great set of kettlebell weights at a reasonable price to get you started! Race you to the checkout!!! Love Roo xx

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