Ketone Review

Earlier this year I did a trial of some raspberry ketone and green coffee bean supplements so I could do a ketone review. Check the ketone review post to read about all of the benefits before scrolling through to see the results!!

I used the ketone supplements for 1 month and took them 3 times daily as instructed and I am pleased to report that my ketone review is a positive one! I took some photos as well as some measurements as 1 month is enough time to see a change but it will never be a dramatic change! So here are my photos (top before, below is after) and measurements:

Ketone Review

Ketone Review & Results

25th April 2016

  1. 8st 7lbs
  2. Chest: 30 inches
  3. Waist: 24.5 inches
  4. Hips: 36 inches
  5. Thigh: 21 inches

1st May 2016

  1. 8st 4lbs
  2. Chest: 30 inches
  3. Waist: 24 inches
  4. Hips: 35 inches
  5. Thigh: 20.5 inches

So the results of this ketone review show a total of 2 inches lost over the body within 1 month, and a 3lb weight loss! I was definitely pleased with these results!!!

Whilst I was taking the tablets it was an odd one; rather than feeling like I suddenly had more energy or feeling fuller for longer, I didn’t notice a sudden change, but when I stopped taking the ketone tablets I suddenly noticed I wasn’t taking them because the effect had worn off. So it was more of a natural and gradual improvement over the month rather than instantaneous. So anyone wanting to try these ketone supplements should definitely bear that in mind!! So would I recommend ketone supplements? Sure! But don’t expect a miracle overnight! Ketone tablets are no different to anything else natural and healthy and that means that it takes time to see huge results but when you do they will be lasting results! But why don’t you be the judge of that 🙂

Love Roo xx

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