How to Maximise Your Wardrobe

1st world problem: I lost so much weight that my clothes don’t fit me anymore and I can’t afford to buy any new ones. Bizarrely enough people are generally not sympathetic when you make that complaint! I would absolutely love for someone to give me a couple of hundred pounds so I could go on a shopping spree but it’s just not going to happen. And there are some dresses in my wardrobe that I truly cannot bear to part with! So over the next few weeks / months (depending on how much spare time I get) I will be taking in my dresses so I can show you how easy it is to lose weight and not lose half of your wardrobe in the process! Here are the dresses I will be working on, wish me luck and I will post photos afterwards 🙂


  • Beaded neckline dress: FCUK
  • Yellow floral tea dress: FCUK
  • Red tea dress: M&Co
  • Pink lace dress:
  • Green and white maxi: Handmade from some fabric that belonged to my Nana 🙂

Remember if you don’t feel confident enough to take in your dresses ask someone to help you, reach out to friends and family on facebook, Or take them to a seamstress it’s a lot cheaper than you’d think and will be far cheaper than buying the clothes all over again!

Love Roo xx

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