Hey! What’s Tabata With You?

5 minute tabata workoutHave you heard this word “tabata” being thrown around and you just smile and nod but really have no idea what it means? If so, here’s an explanation so next time you can actually join in! Chances are you already know what it is you just didn’t realise it had a name 🙂

Tabata is essentially a exercise/">HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout. Dr Tabata along with a team of researchers at the National Institute of Fitness & Sports in Japan discovered the benefits of exercise/">HIIT and declared that it was better for athletes to do short bursts of intensive interval training than 1 full hour of moderately paced training. And it has been proven to increase aerobic and muscular development. So I have to workout for less time and I get better results?! Sold! Now as with everything there is a “catch” you don’t get all results without doing the work! You have literally got to go flat out in each rep.

Why not give the workout above a try and see how you get on! If the sweat isn’t dripping off of you by the time you’re finished you didn’t work hard enough! And like I said it will not work if you don’t put your all in to it. For even better results, repeat the workout 4 times so you get a 20 minute workout!! Go on, I dare you!!

So basically all interval training (like Insanity) is essentially following this principle. Every week I am going to upload some tabata workouts for you to do at home (you’ve already got your first one!) and this should really help you with shedding those sticky pounds, toning those limbs and showing off what you’ve been working so hard for, getting a sweat on (or as I like to call it; making your fat cry!), and most importantly getting it done so you can enjoy the rest of your evening! Everyone can spare a few minutes of their evening! Do it whilst your dinner is cooking!


Good Luck! Love Roo xx

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