Nice Pants!!

This is a statement that should only be heard in the bedroom! If you are fully clothed and someone says this, you’ve made a faux pas. How do I know? Because I’ve been there. When I was a lot younger and at a wedding I wore a gorgeous dress that showed off my curves perfectly so imagine the horror of my thinking I’m leaning seductively over a table to write in the guest book and presenting my pert bottom to all those lovely single fellas I was hoping to lure in and getting a cheeky kiss, only to hear one of them shout to me “nice thong love!” And that was a lesson well learned. If you want someone to see what’s under your dress don’t let everyone else at the party see it too!

Black Underwear

So the first and possibly most important thing about looking great and comfortable in what
you’re wearing is all done by getting your underwear right. Why spend so much time putting together a stunning outfit only to ruin it with unnecessary bulges that you don’t really have. After my experience I opted to buy my underwear 1 size bigger than my clothes size to ensure that there were never any signs of elastic digging in and ruining the shape and fall of my outfit.

The same goes for your bras, don’t worry about the size you’re buying because if you buy it too tight it’s going to create back fat creases that look like you’re trying to make some kind of fleshy origami animal and unless the person you want to impress has an unusual fetish for that (and I think that’s a really small niche!) then it’s something to be avoided for sure!

Don’t do it and if you want to wear a smaller size, that’s where my exercise and diet sections come in handy so check them out! Buy that smaller size as a target if you like and we can work towards making it fit lump and bump free 🙂


Love Roo xx

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