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hello freshI recently received my first Hello Fresh food box. Some people like beauty boxes I like food boxes, and I can guarantee I got just as excited opening it up to view my ingredients and to see if I was going to discover anything new and magical! And I was not disappointed. As someone quite new to the food and recipe world I quite frequently see things in the supermarket and wonder what a certain herb or spice can be used for, but am reluctant to buy them because I don’t know if I’ll like it or what meals it is best served with to maximise the flavour and then I make a mental note to go home and google it and then I forget as soon as I’ve got back to my car with my groceries! So that’s what is great about the Hello Fresh box, if you’re adventurous you can receive a treasure trove of delights and you’re being given a recipe to try it out in straight away. This week I have discovered Panang and Shawarma seasoning and they did not disappoint!

In my Hello Fresh box I received 3 meals for 2 people. In my opinion the portion estimates of that were on the large side so I would say that you could stretch that to 3 or 4 portions, which is great for me because it meant that I could box up extras for lunches during the week as well as have it for my main meal in the evening. I was sent Shawarma Chicken with flatbreads, Thai Pork Panang Curry and  Chicken Tarragon recipe cards and ingredients. They arrive wonderfully packaged and the vegetables are MASSIVE! So great quality in comparison to what you would find at your average chain supermarket! All of the small bits and bobs were separated into a little brown bag, and everything that needed to be kept chilled was wrapped up in a chilled section so there were no concerns on my part regarding the products getting overheated and unsuitable to consume. And what I also love about the packaging is that it is recyclable and Hello Fresh encourage you to recycle the chilling compartment by returning it to them via Collect+. So I am also really pleased that they are environmentally conscientious too 🙂

hello fresh

I have to say that the boxes are only good if you’re not too fussy! My other half is a bit of a fusspot and he wouldn’t have eaten anything we were sent (worked out great for me!) but he is a meat, potato and peas man and there is no changing him! So for this to be of use and value to you, you will need to be a bit on the adventurous side and not worried about surprises! You can also specify whether your vegetarian etc. so specific dietary requirements can be catered to, so at least you can eliminate the risk of a meat surprise!! As I mentioned though I loved the surprise and being introduced to new herbs and spices, and what’s great is that you also get to keep the recipe cards and if you like them you can recreate them again and again. I am definitely going to keep mine and use them for inspiration and tweak them and add and remove bits and build my own version of them for future use.

Chicken Shawarma - Hello Fresh Recipe

Chicken Shawarma – Hello Fresh Recipe

The recipe cards are so simple to follow as well. What looks like a complex dish is actually broken down in to small bite size chunks and it doesn’t take an awful lot of time or concentration to pull together your culinary delight! You can check out their recipe archives on their website as well, so they’ve got great visibility of all the recipes sent out and they also allow you to view what’s coming up!

Thai Pork Panang Curry - Hello Fresh

Thai Pork Panang Curry – Hello Fresh Recipe

The majority of the recipes had a decent calorie count per portion – around the 500 / 550 mark – and I liked that it gave you the nutritional breakdown per serving as well. So you can be fully educated in what you’re putting in to your body.

Chicken Tarragon - Hello Fresh Recipe

Chicken Tarragon – Hello Fresh Recipe

So I suppose the final question to answer is; is it good value for money? I am finding this one a difficult one to answer because it depends on where you put your values. If you consider the time taken to research recipes yourself, writing a grocery list, going to purchase it and the cost of the petrol to get there on top of the cost of the groceries themselves then I would absolutely say that it is great value for money and would thoroughly recommend it. However, for me personally given that only 3 meals are provided at a cost of £42, that means that I still have to purchase another 4 meals on top of that and it becomes a much more expensive shop for that week. Would I use it again though? Absolutely! For me and my lifestyle I don’t think it’s practical to order this weekly, but I would definitely order this for special occasions or if I was having a staycation. This would be fantastic to have delivered to your home to pack up and take away for a lovely weekend break away in a self catering cottage with friends or family, or if you are having people to visit for Easter and you want a meal with the wow factor, or if you want something delivered for half term weeks because you’re trying to manage the kids along with all of those household chores that don’t get done by magical fairies! This is a great solution for a healthy, fresh dinner to give you and your family delicious hearty home cooked meals, packed with nutrients and full of flavour without all the fuss and hassle of getting it all together yourself!

If you’re not certain and don’t want to sign up straight away you can order a trial box and see what you think. But like I said it is definitely something I would get again and I would recommend it, just because it doesn’t fit in with my lifestyle at present doesn’t mean that that won’t change and I think it is a great way to discover new food!

Love Roo xx

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