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fitness AppsI am constantly downloading apps and then deleting them months later because I never actually use them but these are my top apps that always survive the app cull! And what’s more they are all free! Yippee!!! Read on to see which of these might help you get your health and fitness regime off to a good start in the new year!

My Fitness Pal – This one really helped me to begin with when I was trying to understand what food I was putting in to my body and how it was fuelling it. It helped me to get to grips with how many calories were in certain foods, and when I was putting whole meals together from scratch I could figure out how many calories were in each portion size. It’s really handy because you can scan barcodes of produce and the legwork has already been done by somebody else. It also enables you to set your goals and to see where you are matching up to those each day and you can also link up with friends and share progress with them etc. so if you want a bit of healthy competition this is great for that!

Nike Training Club – This is one that I keep on my phone for a back up when I travelling with work. You can find some fun, simple and short workouts based on whether you want to tone up, get lean, get fit and so on. They update the content quite frequently so there is always something you can get access to that will suit your current situation, surroundings and equipment.

Nike Running + – This is one I use when I go running with my friends, it tracks my route, and tells me what my average pace is, how far I ran, the time I ran it in. You can set goals and targets by time or distance. You can link it up to facebook and get your friends to cheer you on as you run! you can share your results to facebook too. You can link your music up to the app and even set up a power song that will spur you on when the going gets tough 🙂

Trace Snow – This app is specific for snow sports as the name would imply! This one is really just for a bit of one. You can set it up for when you’re heading up the mountain and it will track your routes, how much time was spent on lifts, resting, and will tell you what your average speed is as well as what your fastest speed for the day is. It will also rank you against other people using the same app at the same resort so you’ll know if you were the fastest on the piste! I never made it even close but it was my first time and 15mph felt pretty scary to me! ha ha!!

Sporty Pal – The sporty pal app is another favourite of mine because you can link it up to various sports including running, cycling, roller blading, swimming, sailing, surfing, rowing,horse riding, walking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, golfing and a few more. for all of these activities it will track your distance, time and estimated calories burned.

Love Roo xx

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