Hair Washing Perils!

When I first started taking my exercising seriously and doing it every day the ONE thing that really irritated me was having to wash my hair every day too. All that sweating meant that even dry shampoo wouldn’t tide me over and was wreaking havoc on my tresses! I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect shampoo and conditioner and now I’ve definitely found it and wanted to share this good news with all of you!!

As someone blessed with thick hair it is prone to frizzing so I hate having to blow dry it and doing that on a daily basis just wasn’t working so I popped to the shops and purchased L’Oreal Ever Sleek and Ever Riche combo for dry overworked hair.

L'Oreal Shampoo

This range has no sulphates so it means that I am doing minimal damage to my hair because sulphates are basically detergents used in cleaning products, it strips the colour for your hair and isn’t really needed in the shampoo, it’s only added to make it foam more so it makes you feel like you’re getting a good lather but it’s actually doing more damage than good.

This shampoo and conditioner have been a god send! I apply the shampoo at the roots and all over the scalp and then I only condition my hair from the nape of my neck down to the tips. Then I either wrap it in a towel and let it dry naturally or I will do 2 dutch braids in pigtails to let it dry overnight and then I wake up with lustrous frizz free beachy curls! I couldn’t recommend this enough and wouldn’t used anything else!

Love Roo xx

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