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What’s your festival style? So my work has decided to have a summer conference and we are all going glamping in Glastonbury and I have to get my festival style nailed! Knowing what my festival style isn’t the issue what I’m struggling to contend with is this miserable British weather we’re having! Yesterday was a glorious summers day reaching around 27ºC, however today as I am writing this post we’ve had non stop rain and I’m hunkered down on the sofa wearing a hoody and wrapped in a blanket like it’s a cold winters day! Seriously?! It’s ridiculous! So bearing in mind that my glamping festival trip will only last 3 days and 2 nights I am having to pack a capsule wardrobe to cover my festival style for every eventuality!

So here’s how I have turned 3 pairs of shoes, 2 tops, 1 shirt, 2 dresses, 1 pair of shorts and 1 cardigan and 1 pair of jeans in to countless outfits to suit any type of weather.

Festival Style SuperdryMy first festival style outfit is a mini dress, with ankle boots – I’m worried all of this rain will have made the field really muddy so waterproof ankle boots that will easily wipe clean are a must! I’ve put this with a pair of fishnet tights and a Superdry military shirt. If it’s hot I can wear without the tights and wrap the shirt around my waist.

Festival Style SuperdryThe reason why I’ve also chosen this as my first festival style outfit is because it’s comfy to travel in and is easy to add or remove layers as I go.

Military Festival StyleMy second festival style outfit is making use of the Superdry Military shirt I’ve already packed! This shirt is so incredibly versatile that I fear I have worn it a little too much, but I’m still not fed up with it so I will keep wearing it until my friends and family stage an intervention to stop me!! So this outfit is pairing my Superdry military shirt with a pair of Superdry embroidered shorts, a black chiffon Topshop v-neck and v-back vest and some Kurt Geiger ankle boots that I recently purchased from Shoeaholics for an amazing bargainous £29!!! I am still amazed by that bargain! Again this is a great festival style outfit because I can use the shirt around my waist if it is hot, or if it’s colder I can pop on some tights under the shorts and roll down the sleeves of the Superdry military shirt and making it a bit more weather friendly. The boots are also quite loose so your feet don’t get all hot and icky in them!

Festival StyleFestival style outfit #3 is utilising the embroidered Superdry shorts and teaming them with a brilliantly white and pink fluro Superdry tee which is perfect for festivals! And I have also decided that the perfect footwear to go with this outfit is my trusty moccasins! I love these shoes and they are a perfect festival style must have! I am really hoping for some warm weather so I can get this outfit out of the bag! It’s perfectly light, airy, casual and practical! Worn with beachy casual waves and you’ve got a really low maintenance festival style going on!

Festival StyleSo moving on and making further use of the fluro Superdry tee should the weather in fact be miserable and cold 🙁 I have also got a contingency plan! And I have packed my Topshop skinny Leigh jeans which are a petrol greeny-blue shade and they really make the fluro colour pop and stand out a bit more than regular jeans! And it still looks super cute with my Topshop moccasins!

Festival StyleSo I’ve got this outfit on stand with a Superdry Aspen cardigan to keep the chill off and I will revert back to wearing with my Superdry leather ankle boots should I need to opt for slightly colder festival style that still packs a punch! Also both versions of this are great travelling outfits so if it is a bit colder when travelling home I have a comfortable option to sling on for the journey home.

Festival StyleNow my final outfit is a gorgeous Jack Wills tea dress that I picked up in their sale for £30! I am so in love with this dress because it is so well made and is so incredibly flattering! I have decided that this will be my evening festival style party dress (should the weather be nice enough to wear it!) I plan to wear it either with my Kurt Geiger ankle boots or my moccasins – again weather dependent! I quite like the chintzy floral pattern on this dress and think that the ankle boots with it gives it an old fashioned feel – I have joked with my colleagues that it will either look cute or reminiscent of being a Land Girl! LOL! 😀 You’ll have to be the judges on that one!

Festival StyleAnyway, I thought I could wear this dress and then throw on my Aspen cardigan once the sun goes down and the fires are lit and I will be able to sit around the camp fire.

So I guess my festival style is rather eclectic! That’s the great thing about capsule wardrobes because you can mix and match to make a truly unique festival style outfit that fits the weather or your mood. I don’t think I have 1 particular style I really like to mix things up and flit from edgy to cute and girly outfits. Festival Style

Now I know I’ve already packed more than enough for every festival style eventuality however I am still umming and ahhing over whether or not to take my folksy embroidered superdry skirt! Again it’s one of my current favourites and is always a great fallback outfit that I know I always feel great in! Sometimes it’s good to have an outfit in reserve that you know you can always rely on. Festival Style is really a personal choice and I think it is really hard to make a bad decision! You can make anything go and if in doubt just think to yourself – What would Mossy do?!  🙂

Love Roo xx

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