Fat be gone but fats be good!

Ok so lets talk about the fat facts! Fat on your waistline not good – get rid! But it’s also important to know that some fats are good for you and will help you lose weight. Right here goes;

Trans fats are bad and so are some saturated fats because it raises your cholesterol levels and increases the risk of heart disease. These are the fats you will find in pre-prepared supermarket meals, fried foods, sweets, and margarine.

Monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fats = good 🙂 These will reduce your cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. These are the fats you will find nuts, oily fish, avocados, soy and tofu.

Don’t be fooled into thinking “Fat Free” or “Low Fat” meals are better for you. If you look at the packaging you will probably find that the sugar levels or carbohydrate levels are sky high. This is counter productive.

People always question butter and dairy – good fat or bad fat? These fall into the saturated fats category. We are always told these are bad (which is true if you already have high cholesterol or heart disease – always speak with your doctor who knows and can advise on your specific situation if you are ever unsure), but in most cases these “questionable fats” provide a great source or calcium and protein, so the good qualities of these in my opinion hugely outweigh the bad fat qualities associated with them.

Another handy tip for butter and the reason why lots of people prefer to use margarine is because of the spreadability of butter. Sooooo infuriating when trying to use hard butter. Buy a butter bell! This means you can keep the butter soft and  spreadable but fresh 🙂


Love Roo xx

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