Courgette Pizza Base

courgette pizzaSometimes you really just aren’t in the mood to make something because you’re feeling lazy or you’re in a rush, or there is just something else you would rather be doing. So here is one of my very quick and very simple recipes to get you through those moments!

All you need is 1 courgette, some paprika, some mozzarella and some chorizo (or any pizza topping of your choice!), maybe some sundried tomato with basil and oregano and some spiced meats would be nice, or loadĀ up with peppers and onions for a veggie option.

Either way, the pizza base is a paleo pizza option so whether or not you decide to go paleo, dairy free, gluten free with your toppings is entirely up to you!

Heat a griddle on the hob. Whilst this is heating up slice a courgette lengthways so you end up with chunky strips. Season each side of the courgette with paprika.

Place these on the griddle and turn frequently to ensure that they don’t burn.

Once cooked through, transfer to a grill tray and start loading each one up with your pizza toppings.

Grill for 5 minutes until all the toppings have melted and look delicious and are heated through.

And eat!

Love Roo xx

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