Chickpea Cake

chickpea cake


Yes! You read that right this is a cake made out of chickpea! I have to admit when I heard about this I tried it with reservations but OMG! I could have gobbled this up 10 times over! It’s not paleo but it is healthy in the grand scheme of eating cake! There are minimal ingredients and it’s really quick and simple to make.

The texture was light and airy which I love, but also dangerous but it doesn’t fill you up so you could quite easily keep going back for more!! You can add whatever topping tickles your fancy, we added about 1/2 tbsp of lemon curd, but this would be equally as delicious with a red summer berries on top, or any fruits to add a bit of zesty zing to it! Either way it’s surprisingly scrumptious and I would thoroughly recommend it! My one piece of advice is don’t sniff the batter before you bake it, it’ll put you off but I promise once baked you won’t regret it!


Love Roo xx

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