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Focus T25 Gamma Phase Review

Oh. My. DAYS!!! I didn’t think anything could be better than Beta, but Gamma is the shiz! It’s tough, in fact tough is the understatement of the century it’s verging on insanity but I love it!

So let’s start at the beginning and I will take you through my Focus T25 Gamma phase review.

Focus T25 Gamma Phase


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Hula hooping for hips that don’t lie

Recently hulafit has fallen on to my radar, it’s been around for a while now but annoyingly as with all these fad exercises it only seems to be available in London 🙁 sad times for Roo. I think a 5 hour round trip is a bit excessive even though it seems insanely fun! I will have to settle for searching for youtube videos and heading out to the local park and hula hooping like a crazy lady!!

So why is hula hooping good for (and hulafit in particular)

  • Firstly it’s fun!
  • It develops your core strength because you are constantly contracting (pushing and pulling) your abdominals and obliques
  • It targets the torso which is wear we girlies tend to cling on to the last few lbs
  • Using a weighted hula hoop and gradually increasing the weight will help you develop strength
  • By completing the moves you will be improving your posture which instantly helps you look taller and leaner, and it will help you to have better balance

Hula hooping isn’t just about spinning a hoop around your waist, with these exercises you will be able to squat, jump and run whilst spinning that hoop (coordination skills will be worked to their utmost!) and you should also spin the hoop around all your limbs to get an all over body workout.

Now don’t just run out to your nearest kids store or supermarket and grab the girliest cutest hula hoop you can find, there’s actually a few things you need to consider when buying a hula hoop! I know right? Who knew it was going to get technical!

  1. Measure from your belly button to the floor and that’s the diameter of the hoop you need
  2. For fitness and strength improvement you should look for dimensions of around 25mm / 1inch, and for regular / dance (ie you want to do some tricks) you should look at a 20mm / 3/4 inch dimension tube.
  3. Weight – to begin with you it’s important that you get the moves and the techniques right so I would be looking at something up to a maximum of 800g / 1.5lbs but that is an absolute maximum.

I would start with this dance hoop to begin with and then look to build up from there. If you go for something too heavy and want to use it anywhere other than the waist you and you go for a heavier option you risk bruising yourself so best to work up to it!

    or if you’re from the US maybe look at this one:

Love Roo xx

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TRX – Train like a Navy Seal!

One type of exercise I am super keen to try is TRX training. I used the suspension band during a circuits workout at my local gym and have been dying to know more about it ever since!

TRX Suspension training was invented by a Navy Seal who used his sewing kit, an old jujitsu belt,  parachute webbing to create a suspension belt that can be hung in doors, off of poles and generally any kind of stable anchor point. The reason for doing this was because he wanted to create a way to stay in shape whilst away from home and the gym. (I know what I’ll be packing on my next work trip!!)

Anyway, the point of it is that once the resistance band is anchored to something you can utilise it in hundreds of different ways to create an all over body workout.  The key factors of using your own body weight with these bands is to develop balance, stability, a solid core and strength. And just by slightly changing your position you can instantly intensify a workout. These bands have basically become the portable version of pretty much every single piece of gym equipment and there’s no need to worry about packing your weights because that what you are!

Check out some of the exercises you can do 🙂 Will most definitely be using this to try and get the toned arms I desire! As well as adding some definition to my abdominals 🙂

Love Roo xx

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Back Workout – Dumbbell Arm Rowing

Back workouts are great preparation for when you want to wear a nice strapless dress or top in the summer and you don’t want any wobbly bits bulging over the top. It’s muffin top for your shoulders! Not a great look!

So it’s always really important to remember that you need to exercise within your ability, don’t over work or over stretch yourself and keep your form right otherwise you could do some damage and nobody will be able to see your hard work if you’re lying in bed because you can’t move from overdoing it!

So here’s how to do a dumbbell row:

Dumbbell Row1. Take a weight in each hand.

2. Whilst keeping the weights down bend over with a flat back until you are parallel with the floor and keeping your legs slightly bent.

3. Bend your elbows and pull the weights up towards your body until your arms are level with your body in a rowing motion. (remember to squeeze your back muscles and engage your abs whilst doing this to get the maximum results)

4. Then release and lower your arm slowly and keeping it controlled (don’t lock your elbows!) and then repeat. Do this for 10 – 15 times and then swap and repeat with the opposite arm.

5. Repeat a rep of each arm up to 3 times.

Note: An alternative to this exercise is to use a step or platform, raise one leg and row with one arm at a time (the opposite arm to the raised leg, whilst your weight free hand is resting on your raised thigh).

If you do this a couple of times a week you’ll be able to start increasing the weights and eventually have a back to make a supermodel jealous!!


Love Roo xx

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