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Weighted Tabata Workout

Weighted TabataI LOOOOOOOOVE Tuesday’s! Why? Because it’s Tabata time!! Woo hoo!!

Here’s a tabata workout with a slight difference, this is solely based on using weights. Again don’t worry girls it will most definitely not make you bulk up. Make sure you choose a weight that will challenge you but also isn’t so heavy that you can’t finish the movements correctly.

Don’t forget you can repeat the whole thing 4 times to make it a decent 20 minute workout 🙂

Love Roo xx

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Speed Shred – It’s Not Just For Boys!




Boys! You need to step aside because the girls are taking on speed shred and they are tearing it up!! We’re going to gets abs on our abs and make you weep! For anyone that thinks this exercise is just for boys, I’m going to explain why that’s not the case, and that girls you don’t need to actually worry about “bulking up”, this won’t happen, it will tone and define every inch of your body and you’ll wonder why you’ve not being trying it before!


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Tabata Tuesday! Work off the Bank Holiday Indulgence!


Tabata WorkoutIt’s the day after the bank holiday weekend so no doubt you’ve all been a little bit naughty and maybe indulged a little too much (I know I did!) So now it’s time to get our butts into great shape and work our bodies to the max with this 5 minute tabata work out. It’s full of jumps, squats, abdominal and arm workouts to shape up and tone all over. If you want an extreme workout repeat x 4 for a 20 minute session!

Love Roo xx

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Tabata Tuesday! 19th August Workout

5 min tabata

Woo hoo!! It’s tabata Tuesday! Put down the doughnuts and do an intense tabata workout with me!! It takes 5 minutes but if you really want to smash it repeat the whole sequence 4 times to get a 20 minute workout! Get on it fitfam!!


Love Roo xx

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Focus T25 Beta Phase Review Update

So I’ve realised I’ve not really updated or given my review on the next phase (Beta) of Focus T25. I am absolutely LOVING IT! Before I started Beta phase I was panicking and worrying that Shaun T was going to sneakily turn Beta phase into an Insanity workout, thankfully I was wrong! On most days I really look forward to doing this exercise and get really cranky and miserable on the days that I can’t do it. It is only a 25 minute workout but sometimes I have a work commitment or have to do things after work and by the time I get home at 8.30 / 9 pm and sorted myself out it isn’t really fair on my neighbours (I live in an apartment) for me to start leaping around and making tons of noise so I will try and do a mini squats and lunges workout instead. Working those legs still makes you get a good sweat on, and if it doesn’t you’re doing it wrong!!!

Anyway, back to Focus T25 Beta Phase. I honestly cannot believe the difference that this workout has made to my life. I am actually going to be really brave and show you some pictures of how I looked before I started and how I look now. I am absolutely stoked with the results and even more proud that I have done it in a healthy way and over 6 months. T25 has definitely helped with that!

What I love about Beta phase is the introduction of weights or resistance bands. I tried using the bands but I got myself a bit muddled up so definitely found it easier to use the dumbbells. The introduction of weights was important to me, because since losing the bulk of my weight (there’s still more to go) the weights just give that extra bit to start help shredding those sticky lbs that are clinging on for dear life and is helping to add definition to the muscles that are hiding below that last layer of fat. When I say fat here, I want to point out that I am by no means implying that I am overweight, but there is fat on my body that I still want to shift so I can see those muscles that I’ve been working so hard on building!!

I am just about to go into my final week of Beta phase and whilst it most certainly doesn’t get any easier I can see that I am getting better, and as long as I keep pushing myself to my limits then it will always be hard, but that level keeps changing as I get better. I can see my own strengths and weaknesses; my core is really strong, so the core workouts are where I can excel and push myself even harder. My speed is shockingly bad! I still find myself going slower so I can get my form perfect, there’s zero point in keeping up with the DVD if I’m not working the right areas. And finally my shoulders are weak, so whilst I can see improvement week on week I am still not smashing it but it will take time and focus to get to the level I want.

Without wanting to sound corny but Focus T25 has changed my life; it’s given me an awareness of my body and what it can do, how I can push myself, and more importantly that it’s given me the results that are pushing me forward. As soon as you see those results that’s when you keep going. I’m now going to put a picture of myself on the fridge as my “fitspiration”, if I can achieve these results in 6 months, imagine why I can’t change and maintain over the next 6 months! So as promised (very scared now, so please be nice!) here is a photo of my results, photo 1 is so embarrassing for me but it shows how far I’ve come in such a short period of time, and photo 2 is how I look right now. The difference is astounding and has been done by following a clean diet and daily exercise, no bells and whistles folks just hard work!

Weight Loss over 6 months


Love Roo xx

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Exercise Like An 80’s Kid!

As Fathers’ Day has just passed it got me to thinking about my childhood, yes we had tv and computer games but that was a treat most of our time was spent running around outside creating havoc and coming up absolutely exhausted and ready for dinner and bed! We seemed so much happier and healthier than the kids of today and we didn’t have a care in the world! So as part of my 80’s childhood nostalgia I thought it would be fun to look at the games we played as children and how they’re actually a great form of exercise for us adults. Why not arrange a fun get together with all your mates, dress like Jane Fonda and have an 80’s exercise day! I hope I can find a scrunchie for my hair!!!

Let’s start with hula hooping! This is a great exercise for working on that tough midsection, it helps develop core stability, teaches great balance and improves posture!

Skipping – This is a great way to burn some calories, 10 minutes of this is the same as 40 minutes running! This is an all over body workout, and will help you improve your flexibility whilst getting your heart rate up.

Bike Rides – Everyone remembers their first proper bike, and most importantly nobody ever forgets how to ride one so there’s no excuses! It’s a stress relieving activity (unless you’re riding through a minefield or something I can’t imagine that riding a bike would make that less stressful!), it’s a low impact activity so it’s easier on your joints so is a great alternative to running. And it works your glutes and quads for gorgeous looking gams! Winner 🙂

Climbing Trees – If you’ve never climbed a tree before then you have never lived!! I have so many memories of standing on a pair of step ladders in my garden standing on my tippy toes reaching for the lowest branch so I could swing myself up into the tree and then my brother and sister or friends would be on the ground below pretending to be a crocodile or some other child gobbling monster that wanted to eat me! Now it may take some convincing to get your friends or siblings to do this with you and what with health & safety these days it’s probably a better idea to just head to your nearest Go Ape or climbing warehouse where you can get a full body workout whilst safely harnessed and attached to ropes etc. to stop you getting any nasty bumps or bruises. It’s still a blast and you get a Go Ape Certificate!!

Roller Skating – Finally head to your nearest roller disco, you’d be surprised how many there are around! This is a full on aerobic workout, has a high calorific burn and because you’re using a full body motion you are working all of your muscles. Knee high socks? check! Roller skates? check! Now to remember how to do the cola bottle move without falling over and grazing my chin…….


Love Roo xx

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Skipping isn’t just for little girls

Skipping is an activity I love! It instantly reminds me of my childhood and being out in the street having a skipping race with all my friends! Well it’s not just for kids and it’s a great activity to carry on into adulthood. There are so many benefits to be had from skipping:

  1. It improves your heart rate
  2. 10 minutes of skipping is the equivalent to 45 minutes of running (uh hello! I know what I would choose!)
  3. It’s a full body workout because you’re not just jumping about your working those shoulders to turn the rope, all the way down to the tippiest part of your tippy toes when you bouncing back off the balls of your feet
  4. Because it’s a weightbearing exercise it can help to improve your bone density

Once you’ve got used to skipping again, buy a weighted rope and work that body. Do jumping jacks with it, grab your mates and do some double dutch skipping. This is something that can be solo or with friends so can be as exciting as you dare to make it!

Here’s what your competition looks like!!

Pick up a skipping rope, I’d lean towards this Crossfit bestseller which is quite reasonably priced:

Happy skipping!! Love Roo xx

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TRX – Train like a Navy Seal!

One type of exercise I am super keen to try is TRX training. I used the suspension band during a circuits workout at my local gym and have been dying to know more about it ever since!

TRX Suspension training was invented by a Navy Seal who used his sewing kit, an old jujitsu belt,  parachute webbing to create a suspension belt that can be hung in doors, off of poles and generally any kind of stable anchor point. The reason for doing this was because he wanted to create a way to stay in shape whilst away from home and the gym. (I know what I’ll be packing on my next work trip!!)

Anyway, the point of it is that once the resistance band is anchored to something you can utilise it in hundreds of different ways to create an all over body workout.  The key factors of using your own body weight with these bands is to develop balance, stability, a solid core and strength. And just by slightly changing your position you can instantly intensify a workout. These bands have basically become the portable version of pretty much every single piece of gym equipment and there’s no need to worry about packing your weights because that what you are!

Check out some of the exercises you can do 🙂 Will most definitely be using this to try and get the toned arms I desire! As well as adding some definition to my abdominals 🙂

Love Roo xx

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