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Tabata Workout Weights and Core

weights and core tabata

Happy Tabata Tuesday fitfam! Tie your hair back, grab some weights and get your Tuesday off to a sweet start. Sorry that should be sweaty start! This will get your body toned and your core really engaged. Hasta la vista muffin top!

Love Roo xx

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Crossfit Style Tabata

Crossfit Tabata

I’m jumping on the crossfit bandwagon a bit here but also showing you that you don’t need to earn a fortune and spend it all at the gym! You can do these workouts at home and get some great results! If you haven’t got the equipment like a skipping rope do the actions as though you have one and then go out and invest in a skipping rope because they’re awesome and a great piece of equipment for exercising! With the box jumps if you don’t have the box in your home gym, improvise (with caution!) use a wall in your back garden, use a low stool or table or chair or something that you know isn’t going to move and is sturdy and solid and will take your weight. Safety first fitfam! Remember to get maximum results repeat this set 4 times to take the workout up to 20 minutes.

Love Roo xx

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