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Pyramid Workout #2

Pyramid Workout

So last week we looked at our first pyramid workout and that focussed on increasing the reps of each exercise, this week we are going to look a triangle pyramid where we will ascend and build from very light weights to very heavy and then back down to very light weights again. For each of the weights exercises I want you to do the following reps:

  • 10 reps very light weights
  • 8 reps moderate weights
  • 6 reps heavy weights
  • 4 reps very heavy weights
  • 6 reps heavy weights
  • 8 reps moderate weights
  • 10 reps very light weights

It’s up to you to choose what you find is the very light up to very heavy weights as only you know what you can lift. Only lift what you can lift using perfect form, this is not about completing it quickly, it’s about completing it correctly so take the time you need to lift properly as you don’t want to do any damage!

Now here’s the list of the weights exercises to do following the reps outlined above:

  1. Bicep curls
  2. Weighted squats
  3. Tricep kickbacks
  4. Deadlift
  5. Hammer curl
  6. Shoulder press

Love Roo xx

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Pyramid Workout #1

Pyramid Workout

Pyramid workouts involve completing a workout and increasing either the number of reps or the size of the weights lifted. The benefits of this is that it helps to develop your strength and endurance. This is a great technique for muscle gains and development; but let me remind you ladies that it won’t make you bulky and all incredible Hulk like! This is going to help you really get some strength and definition, and give you some sexy toned and sculpted muscles!

This workout focuses on the former where you should increase the number of reps per set as follows:

  • 1 x hammer curl
  • 1 flat back row
  • 2 x hammer curl
  • 2 flat back row
    • repeat x 8


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Total Body Circuit

Happy hump day fitfam! It’s time to get your heart rate up! Try out my latest full body circuit to get you sweating!

Do you know, one reason why I started exercising other than to get fit was to help me sleep better, I found that my brain was so tired from trying to keep up with everything that I had done, was doing and still had to do that day, that week or that month and I felt mentally exhausted but my body wasn’t physically tired and it really interrupted my sleep pattern. Don’t get me wrong you need to get a whole work, life / lifestyle balance (diet included) to be on top form but exercising sure does help for getting some quality sleep at the end of the day. End your day with a worked body and mind and you will be getting the right sleep and repair your body needs 🙂 The weekend is in sight now…..keep going!!!!

sporty abdomen of young woman isolated on black background


Love Roo xx

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Arm Tabata Workout

sporty woman from the back flexing her biceps

This workout will get your shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps warmed up and feeling nice and tingly (I’m trying to be nice – tingly really means achey tomorrow!) This is really going to help improve your upper body strength and give you fantastically toned and defined arms. Don’t worry – it’s not going to make you look like Arnie! Just a bit of sculpting in place of those banished bingo wings!

Remember if you want to make this a great workout, take 1 minute rest and then repeat this circuit again until you’ve done it four times!

Love Roo xx

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