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My Fitness Pal

Everybody needs a buddy and this app has definitely been helpful. It’s a free app I’ve downloaded called My Fitness Pal.It’s still not perfect but it really is a handy tool for helping to build a healthy relationship towards food.

So many times you hear people saying “I’ve hardly eaten anything this week but I’ve gained pounds! How is this happening?!” and it’s really all down to food awareness. You may not have eaten much but you’ve probably eaten small amounts of the wrong stuff which are packed with carbs and calories you didn’t even realise you were consuming. These empty calories mean you’re wasting every opportunity to nourish your body and you’re not giving your body the fuel it needs and then you’re starving and want to binge at your next meal time. it’s not a good cycle.

So what my fitness pal helps you with is firstly you set what your aim is, whether that’s to gain, lose or maintain weight. You also need to put in all of your stats (be honest! cheating will just mean disappointment in the results!) and then it calculates how many calories you should be consuming each day. Then you can start adding in your meals, it’s even got a handy barcode scanner so you just have to scan the packet when you take it out of the fridge, you can also add in exercise done that day which amends your calorie intake and you can also link it to your fitbit if you have one.

Here’s what my nutritional pie (mmmm……pie!) chart looks like for the last 3 days.

My Fitness Pal

It points out what my actual intake is and what it thinks your goal intake should be, now this is where I think it isn’t perfect because it’s telling me that my carb intake should be 50% and that’s just not going to work for me and my primal, clean eating diet! So take everything with a pinch of salt. This is by no means a bible but it’s a super useful app that shows you where your calories are being used up and where you can tweak your diet.

Love Roo xx

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Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is a great staple for the paleo diet. What’s so great about it? Well I’ll tell you; it’s a naturally gluten-free alternative to wheat, it has a high percentage of high dietary fibre which means that it will help to make you feel fuller for longer, and in turn will help aid weight loss.

One good thing to remember with coconut flour is that YES you can use it in any recipe and substitute it for any other flour. However, what you need to remember is that because it doesn’t have any gluten it doesn’t bind as well as wheat flour. So you should add 1 egg per one ounce of coconut flour because the egg will take the place of the gluten and will help to bind the flour. Happy baking!!

Coconut Flour


Love Roo xx

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Chia Seeds – What’s all the fuss about?

Mega seed on the block the Chia seed. Everyone has been raving about these so I thought I would find out what all of the fuss is about! So what’s the crack? The chia seed is one of THE richest plant source of omega 3, this is super important as the body needs this but can’t make it, so we need to find sources that can supply it so we can have happy and healthy joints, heart and brain. Another great thing about chia is that it is a great add for weight loss because it helps to curb and reduce those food cravings which is what always causes us to slip up if we’re on a portion controlled diet. Chia Seeds So how should you consume them? Well there are a few ways to eat them. The first way is that if you soak them in water until it becomes gel like and then you can add it jellies, jams or salad dressing. Chia seeds in their “gel” form are super hydrating for the body. Check out this recipe for vegan and gluten free jam:

Or you can make a grain free chia buckwheat paleo pizza

Or you can go for a sweet dessert and try making some raspberry and coconut chia pudding pops! nom nom nom!

The possible uses for this little seed are amazing and I will be posting recipes of my tried and tested chia tasting so watch this space!  

Love Roo xx

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Teff Luck Quinoa – There’s a New Super Product in Town!

Before I started trying to eat a bit healthier I had NEVER in my life heard of quinoa, as soon as I started my mission to eat clean this miracle product seemed to be cropping up all over the place. But now I am a girl in the know and the latest craze and product literally on everyone’s lips is teff.

When I say it’s taken the place of quinoa I solely mean in popularity and it’s demand not in the actual uses. The way you would cook with these are totally different so there’s still room for both in my cupboard.

So what’s so great about this Ethiopian grown teff? Firstly it’s a source rich in calcium, iron and protein. Secondly and possibly one of the best selling points is that it is also free of gluten! And finally it’s an excellent source of essential amino acids. So what’s not to love about this super product loved by super celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham?!

How should you use it? Teff flour can be used as a substitute for wheat flour in all scenarios. It’s traditionally used in the injera flatbread but it can also be used in other breads, pancakes, dry fry it to make a crispy topping for vegetables, soups or stews. Visit for some ideas to get you started.

Is it considered clean eating? YES!!!

Is it considered paleo or primal? Unfortunately not 🙁 but as described in Mark’s Daily Apple it is considered one of the “better” grains out there so if you’re going to have something on the naughty list this isn’t the worst choice to go with!

The only problem is with these on trend yet not the norm products is they come with a hefty price tag most of the time, so I am still trying to find somewhere that sells it at a price I don’t mind paying and without having to pay a hefty P&P fee! As soon as I’ve got my hands on some I will be trying some recipes and updating you on my finds!


Love Roo xx

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Coconut Oil – 25 Things You NEED To Know

Everyone who knows me or who has been following my posts will know that I am OBSESSED with coconut oil! It’s on my wonder product list and here’s a list of reasons why as well as some handy tips on what you can do with your coconut oil. Here in the UK it seems to be quite a pricey product to get hold of so I thought I would let you know that the cheapest one I found was KTC Pure Coconut Oil which I managed to find in my local Sainsbury’s and came in at just under £3. Bargain!

  1. It’s Paleo friendly
  2. It’s Vegan friendly
  3. You can use it to fry food at high temperatures
  4. Use it for popping popcorn and make it as healthy a snack as possible
  5. You can use it instead of butter on toast
  6. A lot of people add it to their coffee (blended not stirred) to add a natural energy kick
  7. The same can be done to add some flavour to tea
  8. You can use it when baking; great for baking sweet potatoes
  9. You can use it for skin complaints such as eczema, acne and psoriasis
  10. Can be used in the diet to manage diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, thyroid conditions, energy, and boosting the immune system.
  11. is used for weight loss by boosting metabolism
  12. Suppresses your appetite
  13. You can use it as a skin moisturiser
  14. You can use it as a hair moisturiser
  15. You can add it to bicarbonate soda and a drop or two of peppermint oil and use it as a home made toothpaste
  16. Oil pulling – by putting in your mouth until it melts and by sucking and pulling it around your mouth for 15 – 20 minutes you can help whiten your teeth (spit into the toilet not your sink otherwise it could block the pipes!)
  17. Mix with cornflour, baking soda and essential oils of your choice and you’ve got a home made deodorant
  18. Removes makeup
  19. Can be used as a shaving cream
  20. Add some sugar and it becomes a body scrub
  21. Helps to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy
  22. Natural SPF4 sun protection
  23. Great for soothing sunburn
  24. Mix with essential oils for a massage oil
  25. Helps to fade age spots

There are so many more uses for coconut oil! Try googling it and find some recipes to try at home, and let us know what you’ve been trying and what you use it for!

coconut oil

It’s also really important to remember that there is no such thing as a miracle product, whilst it does promote and aid all of the above (in particular the medical conditions) this is alongside other treatments prescribed by your doctor, and by living a healthy and active lifestyle. The coconut oil is a great product with a million and one uses which is why it’s on my wonder product list, it’s not magic!


Love Roo xx

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Water Rules!

I will always be honest. Drinking the daily recommended 8 glasses of water a day is a real struggle for me. I much prefer hot drinks like tea mainly because I always feel the cold and like to wrap my hands around a nice steaming mug rather than an ice cold glass! But I’ve impressed my colleagues so much with my switch over to water that I felt this was a blog worthy subject because other people may find it difficult too.

So amongst the benefits we all know about already such as water makes your skin better, it’s better for your organs and flushes all the nasties out of your body and keeps you hydrated for those exercise sessions, well it can also help you lose weight. By drinking icy water (8 glasses a day) you could burn up to 70 calories a day!  The reason being that your body has to use energy to heat the water (think about it you don’t pee ice so it has to get warmed up some how!!)

By grabbing an ice cold water as soon as you get up you are also giving your metabolism a kick start for the day. If you pop a bottle of water in the fridge you can hop out of bed have a quick drink and crack on with your day!

I also find it useful to drink water 30 minutes before a meal as it fills you up and prevents you from overeating.


Love Roo xx

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There Are Plenty More Fish In The Sea

How many times have I heard this statement and as far as I am concerned they can stay there!

I have tried soooooo hard to like fish and I really REALLY want to like it but I just can’t eat it 🙁

Fish is a great source of Omega 3 which has the following benefits to your body:

Fish for your Heart

Fish for your Heart

  • increases your metabolism
  • helps to improve fat burning
  • builds a healthier and stronger heart
  • it’s brain food
  • Increases lean body mass


Now as I don’t like fish I make sure I take an Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement every single day without fail so I can still get these benefits. It’s really important to do this and I would recommend everyone who doesn’t eat fish at least twice a week should take these supplements as it isn’t something that can be found in any other part of our diets.

“What about Omega 6 and 9?” I hear you shout, as these always get grouped together. Omega 6 can be found in nuts, eggs, meat and dairy and Omega 9 again is found in nuts and meat so prevalent in other aspects of your healthy diet, so Omega 3 needs to be supplemented if you’re not eating fish.


Love Roo xx

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Nuts About Nuts

OMG! I hate it when I’ve eaten a healthy meal yet for some reason between meals I am still absolutely starving!! No fair 🙁 We’ve all been there so here are a few of the wonderful nuts that you can eat as a snack, just a handful though (you can’t devour the whole packet as tempting as it feels!). All of the nuts listed below are on the paleo approved list, so go nuts!

  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Hazelnuts
  • Pecans
  • Pine Nuts
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Macadamia Nut
  • Walnuts

You will probably see that my beloved peanut (and therefore peanut butter) is not listed above. My diet is as close to paleo as I can manage, and I take my hat off to the people who can eat purely paleo, but the benefits of eating peanut butter in my opinion strongly out weigh the reasons to not eat it so I still use it as part of my diet.


Love Roo xx

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Peanut Butter and the ‘F’ Word

Peanut butter has become a saviour to me. I had always stayed away from it before as everyone always say it’s bad because it’s full of that ‘F’ word; FAT! ARGGGGHHHHHHHH! Fear not, this is actually a wonder product. Yes it has fat but it’s good fat and has more fat in it than saturated fats 🙂 Peanut butter is packed with nutrients; protein, fibre, healthy fat and potassium.

What makes it even better is that it makes you feel fuller for longer and so stops you wanting to snack.

To make sure you have the best option ALWAYS make sure you choose 100% peanut butter, as this means there won’t be any added palm oil or added sweeteners and you know you will be eating a completely raw and natural product 🙂


Love Roo xx

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What a lovely bunch of coconuts!



Coconuts and I definitely have a love / hate relationship! As a child the only purpose for a coconut was for it to be hollowed out and bashed together to make the sound of horses galloping! And that’s where my love started and ended. I was never really keen on the taste and that was mainly because of Bounty chocolate bars, even now I can’t touch them.

The point of me telling you how I felt about the taste of coconut is to illustrate just how much a person can change. This is one of my top wonder products and I couldn’t imagine my diet without them! No, seriously!

I use coconut oil for frying. I get all of the natural goodness of the oil and very little of the flavour gets stuck in the food.

The same goes for coconut milk. I use this when making curry’s in particular and I swear by it. Make sure you check out my Thai Green Curry Recipe and my Garam Masala Recipe for some tips on yummy coconutty food 🙂

So why did I add coconuts to my diet when I apparently despised the taste of them before:

1. Firstly and most honestly I will tell you that I wanted to follow a paleo diet and this was allowed.

2. It boosts metabolism and will increase your energy. This means it will more likely be burned as fuel rather than your body storing it as fat (weight loss from eating bonus!).

3. Coconut water provides a natural source of electrolytes which is what can be found in energy drinks and is great at keeping your body hydrated during low intensity workouts.

4. Coconut oil is a multi purpose product. It stores as a solid at room temperature and melts when heated in the pan. It’s also super useful in the bathroom as a hair mask for those times when you run out of conditioner!!

5. And finally coconut flour lowers the glycemic index so is great for using in your baking. Great for diabetics.

What’s not to love about the coconut?! I heart coconuts! Viva la coconut!


Love Roo xx

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