Vanilla & Cinnamon Chia Pod

Vanilla and cinnamon chia pod


My current obsession is chia seeds, this wonderful superfood is really helping me to get lots of omega 3 in to my diet which I am missing because I dislike fish 🙁

To add some fun and variety I decided to make my very own chia pods to store in the fridge and I can grab them whenever I feel the need for something sweet to tickle my tastebuds!


  • 2tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp cinnamon


  1. Add all of the ingredients together in a small kilner jar or ramekin dish
  2. Combine until well mixed and pop in the fridge overnight
  3. The chia seeds will swell in the liquid and will make it more gelatinous and yummy!

Doesn’t get any easier than that! I will be trying out plenty of other recipes version of this so watch this space for some more sweet treat inspiration!

Love Roo xx

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Hello Fresh Food Box – Review

hello freshI recently received my first Hello Fresh food box. Some people like beauty boxes I like food boxes, and I can guarantee I got just as excited opening it up to view my ingredients and to see if I was going to discover anything new and magical! And I was not disappointed. As someone quite new to the food and recipe world I quite frequently see things in the supermarket and wonder what a certain herb or spice can be used for, but am reluctant to buy them because I don’t know if I’ll like it or what meals it is best served with to maximise the flavour and then I make a mental note to go home and google it and then I forget as soon as I’ve got back to my car with my groceries! So that’s what is great about the Hello Fresh box, if you’re adventurous you can receive a treasure trove of delights and you’re being given a recipe to try it out in straight away. This week I have discovered Panang and Shawarma seasoning and they did not disappoint!

In my Hello Fresh box I received 3 meals for 2 people. In my opinion the portion estimates of that were on the large side so I would say that you could stretch that to 3 or 4 portions, which is great for me because it meant that I could box up extras for lunches during the week as well as have it for my main meal in the evening. I was sent Shawarma Chicken with flatbreads, Thai Pork Panang Curry and  Chicken Tarragon recipe cards and ingredients. They arrive wonderfully packaged and the vegetables are MASSIVE! So great quality in comparison to what you would find at your average chain supermarket! All of the small bits and bobs were separated into a little brown bag, and everything that needed to be kept chilled was wrapped up in a chilled section so there were no concerns on my part regarding the products getting overheated and unsuitable to consume. And what I also love about the packaging is that it is recyclable and Hello Fresh encourage you to recycle the chilling compartment by returning it to them via Collect+. So I am also really pleased that they are environmentally conscientious too 🙂

hello fresh

I have to say that the boxes are only good if you’re not too fussy! My other half is a bit of a fusspot and he wouldn’t have eaten anything we were sent (worked out great for me!) but he is a meat, potato and peas man and there is no changing him! So for this to be of use and value to you, you will need to be a bit on the adventurous side and not worried about surprises! You can also specify whether your vegetarian etc. so specific dietary requirements can be catered to, so at least you can eliminate the risk of a meat surprise!! As I mentioned though I loved the surprise and being introduced to new herbs and spices, and what’s great is that you also get to keep the recipe cards and if you like them you can recreate them again and again. I am definitely going to keep mine and use them for inspiration and tweak them and add and remove bits and build my own version of them for future use.

Chicken Shawarma - Hello Fresh Recipe

Chicken Shawarma – Hello Fresh Recipe

The recipe cards are so simple to follow as well. What looks like a complex dish is actually broken down in to small bite size chunks and it doesn’t take an awful lot of time or concentration to pull together your culinary delight! You can check out their recipe archives on their website as well, so they’ve got great visibility of all the recipes sent out and they also allow you to view what’s coming up!

Thai Pork Panang Curry - Hello Fresh

Thai Pork Panang Curry – Hello Fresh Recipe

The majority of the recipes had a decent calorie count per portion – around the 500 / 550 mark – and I liked that it gave you the nutritional breakdown per serving as well. So you can be fully educated in what you’re putting in to your body.

Chicken Tarragon - Hello Fresh Recipe

Chicken Tarragon – Hello Fresh Recipe

So I suppose the final question to answer is; is it good value for money? I am finding this one a difficult one to answer because it depends on where you put your values. If you consider the time taken to research recipes yourself, writing a grocery list, going to purchase it and the cost of the petrol to get there on top of the cost of the groceries themselves then I would absolutely say that it is great value for money and would thoroughly recommend it. However, for me personally given that only 3 meals are provided at a cost of £42, that means that I still have to purchase another 4 meals on top of that and it becomes a much more expensive shop for that week. Would I use it again though? Absolutely! For me and my lifestyle I don’t think it’s practical to order this weekly, but I would definitely order this for special occasions or if I was having a staycation. This would be fantastic to have delivered to your home to pack up and take away for a lovely weekend break away in a self catering cottage with friends or family, or if you are having people to visit for Easter and you want a meal with the wow factor, or if you want something delivered for half term weeks because you’re trying to manage the kids along with all of those household chores that don’t get done by magical fairies! This is a great solution for a healthy, fresh dinner to give you and your family delicious hearty home cooked meals, packed with nutrients and full of flavour without all the fuss and hassle of getting it all together yourself!

If you’re not certain and don’t want to sign up straight away you can order a trial box and see what you think. But like I said it is definitely something I would get again and I would recommend it, just because it doesn’t fit in with my lifestyle at present doesn’t mean that that won’t change and I think it is a great way to discover new food!

Love Roo xx

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Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder

Baobab has been Africa’s best kept secret – until now! It’s hit the UK and US shores with a force to be reckoned with and has become one of the THE superfoods that everyone is talking about and is adding to their diet. And here I am going to talk about why and how you can implement this into your diet.

So let’s start with why Baobab is the superfood literally on everyone’s lips! This fruit can be devoured fresh but also comes in powder form. The Baobab fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy diet. It is high in vitamin C which is a big fat tick in my box. Vitamin C is really going to help keep your heart healthy and can help to prevent varicose veins, it also helps you to form collagen and elastin (wrinkle banishing shiz!). If that hasn’t sold you then let’s continue; vitamin C helps to cleanse your liver and is a great detoxifier as well as really boosting your immune system. We all know that we need micronutrients i.e. minerals in our diet, now the baobab fruit doesn’t contain all of the minerals you need in your diet but it does have a lot! It’s loaded with calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, sodium, zinc and potassium. Potassium is great because it helps to promote a healthy nervous system, and your nervous system is linked to how your stomach works during the whole digestive process, so if your nervous system is working your stomach can do it’s job properly and you will have a happy and healthy gut!

Okey dokey, so I think I’ve covered why you should jump on the baobab bandwagon, now let’s talk about how you can get this superfood into your diet. I am the first person to admit I dislike fruit. It is something I have always struggled to eat because of the texture, so the fact that baobab comes in powder form is perfect for me. I’ve been adding it to my protein shakes, you can pop it in with your smoothies, you can add it in with your baking, sprinkle it over your oats, or even pop it in with any raw cacao desserts you’ve been making. You can quite easily pop it anything that takes your fancy! Just bear in mind that I found it had quite a sharp zesty flavour, so maybe dip your finger in and have a taste before you start adding it to your meals, you don’t want to add too much and be in for a shock!

Love Roo xx

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Free Nutrition Plan for 3 People!

Healthy Life wooden sign with a beach on background

To further the offering of my blog I have recently studied a Nutrition in Fitness course so that I can start providing 12 week nutrition plans to those that need that extra helping hand to get them started on their healthy living journey. To start this off I am looking for 3 lovely individuals who want to help me build my portfolio to go alongside my own weight loss success of losing 2.5 stone over the course of 12 months! So I am offering the opportunity for 3 people to receive this nutrition plan free of charge and all I ask in return is that you send me your progress photographs and measurements at the beginning, during and at the end of the 12 weeks and that you are happy for me to use these images and stats on my website, social media sites and within my portfolio. Easy peasy!

As part of the 12 week plan I will provide a list of recipes, meal plans, foods you should be eating or eliminating, important information about nutrition and eating a healthy diet as well as weekly updates (or more frequently if required) to provide support via email, facebook messenger and I would also recommend using the My Fitness Pal app and I will monitor your daily intake and advise on where you are doing well and where you can improve.

If you would be interested in this please email me at with the following information.

  • Current weight
  • Current measurement of thigh, hips, waist, chest and arms
  • Goal weight and goal measurements
  • What diets / weight loss techniques have you tried previously?
  • What did you like about it?
  • What didn’t you like, or what made you stop?
  • Dietary requirements (please note that if you have any serious dietary issues it is best to consult your GP prior to making any major changes to your diet)
  • Are you currently training / working out?
  • If yes, please supply further details; what training are you doing, how often and how long do you work out for?
  • Please send 3 photos of yourself in tight fitting clothing (front view, side view and back view)

The closing date for applications is 28th February 2015. I will contact the successful individuals by 9th March. All other applicants will be offered a 10% discount off the nutrition plan fee once it is fully launched later this year as my way to say thank you for showing interest 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you!

Love Roo xx

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Food Swap Outs

When you’ve changed your diet to be more healthy it’s really difficult to know what to use when you are craving something bad, so here’s my tips on healthy food swaps to keep you on the straight and narrow! Print this out and pop it on your fridge and next time your planning your meals for the week you’ve got it to hand and can plan exactly what you need to buy from the supermarket:

Food / Diet Swap Outs

Some of the things I have listed replacements for aren’t necessarily bad foods, like eggs for example, but if you aren’t able to eat them or want to find an alternative then those are also included.

Love Roo xx

My Protein – Elle True Diet Protein Powder Review

elle true diet

Back in October I decided to start using My Proteins’ Elle True Diet Protein Shake. I had plateaued in my weight loss and needed something to give me that extra helping hand to staying on track and to also give me the extra protein I needed to improve my muscle for the hard training I was putting my body through.

I had been on holiday and had been a little bit naughty with my diet (I mean I had been working hard for 9 whole months prior to that so I deserved those cheeky cocktails by the pool as a treat!). Due to that splurge I had a lot of water retention in that week that I came back, so I decided to use the Elle True Diet Protein Shake with skimmed milk as a breakfast substitute.

In that first week I saw a huge drop in weight from 8st 6lbs down to 8st 2lbs however the weeks following that first big decrease the protein shake has helped me remain at a more consistent weight fluctuating by 1lb either way of my first week results with my lowest weight reaching 8st.

I have also been taking some measurements with a tape measure and a calliper as I don’t think you should ever go solely on weight, as I have been training hard I would also expect to be increasing muscle mass, so I wanted to determine whether I was losing inches but gaining muscle and definition. I think with things like this as well it is really important to take photographs so you can see a physical record of how you’re progressing. You see your body every day with a critical eye, so it you take a snapshot of how you look at different stages you can see your results. As with the weight loss I experienced the same with the measurements in that I haven’t decreased a huge amount (about half an inch around my bust and hip areas, with the biggest difference being an inch lost on my thighs) but what I have noticed is my muscle definition is increasing and my stamina and recovery is vastly improved.

There are a few pro’s and con’s to using the protein shake every day and here’s my thoughts:

Pros –

  • The chocolate flavour definitely helped to satisfy my sweet sugar cravings
  • As someone who works away from home quite frequently it’s proved to be a useful meal substitution where eating out would hinder my healthy eating plan, or when arriving home late and I don’t want to eat a heavy meal. It’s so easy to take out and about with me as I can just bag up scoops of powder and store them all inside my shaker so doesn’t take up too much space and then you can always find somewhere to buy a pint of milk when you’re out and about. This has been a real life saver for some of my trips away.
  • Can add it to various recipes – such as pancakes, brownies, pumpkin bread, almond milk hot chocolate drink with coconut cream topping (yum!) I think sometimes you do have to mix it up a bit and add some variety. Whilst mundane repetition builds routine, I find it can sometimes lead me to break because I need some change. So if you can be adventurous then try and add it to a recipe instead.
  • I’ve found that my strength is vastly improving with lifting weights and my muscle recovery is faster than when I wasn’t using it

Cons –

  • It’s not very filling, if I have the shake for breakfast I quite often find myself peckish by mid-morning.
  • It can be a bit monotonous
  • It’s not as flavoursome with water as it is with skimmed milk and having it with milk increases my daily milk intake quite significantly than I was having previously – hence adding to other breakfast recipes such as flapjacks or pancakes
  • Changing eating habits can have an effect on bowel movement and can take a time to settle again.

In my opinion the pros definitely outweigh the cons and it has certainly helped me with achieving my goals, and I have really enjoyed experimenting with putting my protein powder into different recipes to add some variety! So watch this space for when I upload some of my recipes! But here’s some sneaky previews of my protein brownies and protein powder pumpkin bread! yum yum!

protein powder brownieProtein Powder Pumpkin Bread








Love Roo xx

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Elle True Diet Trial

elle true diet

My Protein have very kindly sent me a sample of their Elle True Diet Protein powder for me to trial and review. I am super psyched about giving this a go and can’t wait to give you guys my feedback. After being away on holiday for a couple of weeks and being a teeny bit naughty with my diet and doing next to no exercise at all, it’s time to kick start my healthy lifestyle again. And what better way to start than by adding some protein powder in to my paleo (ish) healthy eating regime. I will be updating you guys on the way, and will include stats and measurements to confirm if this truly does work as a diet and weight loss aid. At the moment I am going to start by having this as a a shake with milk as a substitute for breakfast, but I will also have a play about and see if it can be added to some cheeky little desserts along the way. I also want to add that as always I am not solely relying on the protein powder as a miracle weight loss tool, I will continue to eat a healthy well balanced diet as well as doing my daily HIIT workouts. Wish me luck and keep an eye out for my updates!

Starting Stats are:

  • Weight: 8st 5.6
  • Waist: 25.5 inches
  • Hips: 36 inches
  • Thighs: 21 inches
  • Bust: 30 inches
  • Caliper body fat: 22.7%

Love Roo xx

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My Vitamins

My Vitamins are currently doing an Autumn special to help fight those end of summer blues. We all go there don’t we? The nights start getting shorter, the air is getting cooler and we all crave big chunky jumpers and stodgy carb loaded hearty winter meals to comfort ourselves. But that causes so much havoc on our diet and healthy bodies that we’ve spent all summer tanning and toning! Thankfully My Vitamins have got some offers to help us through these bleak times!

The first thing to look at is diet and weight control. Certain vitamins, minerals and herb extracts can help the body lose weight in various ways, whether increasing the metabolism, improving enzyme activity or interfering with how carbohydrates are stored in the body. And by entering the promo code DIET20 (Valid until: Midnight 05/09/2014 or while stocks last) you can buy one get one half price.

What’s on my list? Firstly I would be getting the Total Carb Blocker, because the White Kidney Bean Extract is a natural extract working to prevent the enzyme Amylase from breaking down carbohydrates into sugar and has been shown to reduce the amount of energy that the body can extract from starch. Total Carb Blocker allows you to reduce the amount of calories absorbed from starchy foods such as pasta, potatoes and bread without completely eliminating them from your diet. And secondly I would be getting my hands on some NutriGreens Tablets. These are really handy for those who struggle to get their daily intake of vegetables and fruit in their diet. They are a blend of 22 super foods, whole foods, fruit extracts, vegetable extracts and super fruits.

Total Carb BlockerMy Vitamins NutriGreens







What’s even more exciting is that when you spend over ÂŁ5 you can get some free Flax Seed Oil thrown in with your order. Flaxseed Oil is a natural source of alpha linoleic acid, and is a form of the essential fatty acid Omega 3 and is a rich source of Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA). All you need to do is use promo code HEART to get these bad boys added to your basket free of charge! Again this offer is only valid until midnight 05/09/2014 or while stocks last.

And finally, My Vitamin have oh so kindly added in a whopping 25% off for all new customers on all products on the site, so if none of the above tickles your fancy, then jump in and order something else with a quarter off the price! To take advantage of this offer just click through the link above and use the promo code MVNEW (Valid until: Midnight 05/09/2014 or while stocks last)

All of these offers from My Vitamin are only valid until 5th September so if you’re already worrying about how to keep your summer body trimmed and toned and looking fabulous for Summer 2015, it will pay to start thinking about your autumn and winter fitness program ahead of time!

Love Roo xx

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The Early Bird Catches The Protein

My Protein have sent me some details of some fantastic offers they’re running this weekend. They are offering a WHOPPING 50% off of their Beach Body Bundle where their current retail price is £79.99! Wooo hoooo! Beach body goals just became even more achievable guys!!

my protein

Each bundle contains

  • 1kg of Impact Whey Protein in delicious chocolate smooth flavour
  • 750g of Berry Blast Fuse
  • 250g of unflavoured BCAA
  • 60 CLA softgels
  • 120 MP Max Thermo-Extreme capsules
  • 600ml Myprotein Blender Bottle.

All you need to do is click on the image above which will take you through to the website, then add the bundle to your basket. Add the discount code BBB50
They are only running this offer from 26/07/14 until midnight 27/07/14 or whilst stocks last so make sure you get a wiggle on and snap it up!


Love Roo xx

Chia seed and banana loaf

chia seed and banana loaf


My sister and I baked this and by that I mean my sister helped me to bake this!! I really wanted to try the recipe and share it but I really don’t like bananas so needed someone who would do the taste test for me!

This recipe was really easy to make and I am really proud of this one! Even though I dislike banana I was really tempted to give this a try as it smelled delicious and cinnamon-y! And once again this recipe is paleo and gluten free, packed with protein and omega 3. Which makes it a guilt free treat 🙂


Love Roo xx