Aloe Drinking Gel

Aloe Drinking Gel

Aloe Drinking Gel

So I’ve started drinking the forever living aloe drinking gel and oh my days I won’t ever go back to not drinking this!

I’ll be honest the taste was a shock, the aloe drinking gel is definitely an acquired taste but you quickly get over that and the benefits are so worth it and far outweigh the unusual taste!

So I started drinking the aloe drinking gel more out of curiosity rather than thinking I needed it for something in particular. My mum is currently drinking the forever freedom aloe drinking gel which has glucosomine in it and is designed for people with mobility concerns and athletes. But I’ll come back to that in a minute!

Anyway like I said I started the aloe drinking gel out of curiosity but what I actually discovered was that I wasn’t a good sleeper. After a couple of weeks of taking a shot of the gel I noticed that I was falling asleep quickly, wasn’t waking during the night and was waking in the morning feeling completely refreshed. I can’t remember the last time that happened and now its happening every day!!! I can only put this down to the aloe drinking gel!

My mum is also drinking the forever freedom aloe drinking gel which she is hoping will help with her arthritic knees (still early days yet but watch this space!) But one thing she did say to me was that her hair has started to shine. She’s always had quite dry hair from lots of colouring over the years but she said she looked in the mirror and had to do a double take because her hair had such a shine to it that she hasn’t seen in years! Again she’s not changed anything so can only attribute it to the aloe drinking gel!

How about you? Are you curious enough to try it?? Click here to try and buy!

Love Roo xx

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Ketone Review

Earlier this year I did a trial of some raspberry ketone and green coffee bean supplements so I could do a ketone review. Check the ketone review post to read about all of the benefits before scrolling through to see the results!!

I used the ketone supplements for 1 month and took them 3 times daily as instructed and I am pleased to report that my ketone review is a positive one! I took some photos as well as some measurements as 1 month is enough time to see a change but it will never be a dramatic change! So here are my photos (top before, below is after) and measurements:

Ketone Review

Ketone Review & Results

25th April 2016

  1. 8st 7lbs
  2. Chest: 30 inches
  3. Waist: 24.5 inches
  4. Hips: 36 inches
  5. Thigh: 21 inches

1st May 2016

  1. 8st 4lbs
  2. Chest: 30 inches
  3. Waist: 24 inches
  4. Hips: 35 inches
  5. Thigh: 20.5 inches

So the results of this ketone review show a total of 2 inches lost over the body within 1 month, and a 3lb weight loss! I was definitely pleased with these results!!!

Whilst I was taking the tablets it was an odd one; rather than feeling like I suddenly had more energy or feeling fuller for longer, I didn’t notice a sudden change, but when I stopped taking the ketone tablets I suddenly noticed I wasn’t taking them because the effect had worn off. So it was more of a natural and gradual improvement over the month rather than instantaneous. So anyone wanting to try these ketone supplements should definitely bear that in mind!! So would I recommend ketone supplements? Sure! But don’t expect a miracle overnight! Ketone tablets are no different to anything else natural and healthy and that means that it takes time to see huge results but when you do they will be lasting results! But why don’t you be the judge of that 🙂

Love Roo xx

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Nut Milk

Nut milk

Nut Milk

People mocked my nut milk bag purchase despite this being something I’d wanted to buy for AGES but had never quite gotten around to it. I have to say buying this was literally one of the single most exciting days of my life, only trumped by the fact that I actually made my own nut milk quickly a few days later!!

It’s actually surprisingly easy to make your own nut milk but it’s not an instant process. The processes themselves are really quick it’s the hours of waiting in between that are time consuming! The first question people asked wasn’t how but why. This was a shock, if you can make something yourself why wouldn’t you?! Secondly, it is sadly assumed that all health products purchased in a store are actually healthy and good for you, and they generally are but if you look at the ingredients you may be shocked to find some nasties in there and other ingredients which you just don’t need! My nut milk has 2 ingredients; nut and water. So how do you make nut milk? Here we go:

Buy 100g of your nut of choice, put them in a bowl and put in some cold water which is just enough to cover the nuts. Cover with cling film and leave them to soak for anywhere between 6 – 12 hours. Then drain the water off. Put your nuts in a blender and add 300g of cold water. Blend blend blend until you’ve got milk and hardly any nut chunks. Strain the milk through your nut milk bag into a jug, once you’ve strained really squeeze and twist what’s left in the nut milk bag to really get as much in the jug as possible.

This will last in the fridge for about 5 days (if you can wait that long to drink it!). I suppose the next question is what can you do with it, well anything! You can use it to cook with, you can drink it on it’s own, you can heat it up and add some raw cacao and make some hot chocolate, you can add some cardomom and cinnamon and make a nice soothing milky drink before bed! The possibilities are pretty endless, if you can imagine it you can do it 🙂


Love Roo xx

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Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Bean Supplement Review

raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract

raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract

It’s that time of year where everyone starts thinking about their upcoming summer holidays. The clocks have gone forward for the spring so the nights are staying lighter for longer and there’s that feeling in the air of a fresh start and making changes and really starting to refocus and motivate yourself to pick up those slightly forgotten news years resolutions!

I’m no different! It’s really difficult to keep on track when all you want to do is hunker down on the sofa with a blanket and watching Netflix boxsets back to back instead of hitting the gym hard! I’ve been feeling really sluggish after taking some time off from exercising due to being unwell and now it’s time to kickstart and as part of this I will be using some Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Bean supplements to help keep my energy levels up and to help store less fat! I will be trialling these over the next month and will be updating and reviewing on my progress.

So firstly let’s talk about the benefits of raspberry ketones and green coffee beans! These supplements are designed to balance blood sugar levels and boost general health and wellbeing. The raspberry ketone extract is claimed to help cause the fat within cells to break down more effectively and therefore helps the body to burn fat quicker. Raspberry ketones also help to increase levels of adiponectin, a hormone which helps regulate metabolism.

The second bit; green coffee bean extract also works alongside the raspberry ketones by providing an active ingredient called chlorogenic acid. This is believed to boost metabolism by up to 11%! It also reduces the absorption of carbs and lowers blood sugar levels and spikes in insulin.

So it’s fair to say that combined the benefits of both the raspberry ketones and the green coffee bean extract should assist a well balanced diet and regular exercise to achieve weight loss goals.

It’s really important to remember that there is no such thing as magic beans and these are a supplement to assist. A healthy and active lifestyle combined with a clean diet is key and these should give you the extra help along the way, and will help your body to stay fuelled with the energy need for all of the exercise!

I will post before and after pictures in 4 weeks time and then you can be the judge of whether or not these raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract supplements are worth while.

If you’ve tried them before, why not share your experience of them!

Love Roo xx

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Coconut Matcha Truffles

Coconut Matcha TrufflesSo my latest obsession has been a matcha green tea latte and because I had purchased a sack of matcha powder I wanted to see what else I could do with it so I attempted a sweet treat of coconut matcha truffles! So before I give you the recipe and ingredients for these oh so mouth wateringly delicious coconut matcha truffles I am going to give a little bit of detail as to why matcha powder is so good for.

So you’ve probably all heard the green tea helps with weight loss right? Well 1 teaspoon of matcha powder is the equivalent to drinking 10 cups of green tea (in nutritional value anyway! So it’s a case of work smarter not harder with this one! You can easily pop 1/2 teaspoon into warm (not boiling water) and have a yummy super cup of green tea.

So anyway, back to the benefits of green tea; first of all it has no caffeine in it so is a great hot drink alternative for us caffeine obsessed people! It also has some great nutritional content of amino acids and vitamin c, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium minerals and natural plant pigment – chlorophyll. It’s also a vegetarian and vegan product and is 100% organic so it’s basically ticking every box here! But my favouritest thing about matcha powder is that it is a natural and organic food colouring! Hence why I have used it in my coconut matcha truffles! Matcha green tea powder is made from finely ground green tea leaves, which are covered during cultivation to protect them from direct sunlight. This increases their chlorophyll content, and turns the leaves a really bright and vivid green, and stimulates the production of amino acids. This bright green is such a fantastic colour and will give the wow factor to anything you use it in!

Now let’s get down to the bit you’ve been waiting for! The coconut matcha truffles recipe!!!

Coconut Matcha TrufflesIngredients:




  1. In a blender combine the coconut butter, matcha powder and maple syrup, feel free to add more maple syrup to taste
  2. Pulse until smooth
  3. Put in the fridge or freezer (if you’re too impatient!!) until the mixture hardens slightly – you want it to be hard enough to pick up but also soft enough to be able to mould into balls.
  4. Roll the matcha mixture into small balls
  5. In a separate bowl empty out the desiccated coconut, roll the matcha truffles around in the coconut to give an even coverage.
  6. Pop the ball on some parchment paper and then put them back in the fridge (or freezer) to harden some more.
  7. Eat chilled from the fridge.

coconut matcha trufflesThis coconut matcha truffles recipe is so quick and easy but will have everyone oohing and ahhing over how bright and colourful they look and taste! Enjoy!



Love Roo xx

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My Vitamins Total Acai Berry

My Vitamins Total Acai BerryI am the first to admit that I don’t really like fruit and berries but it’s mainly because of their texture, I fully appreciate the benefits that these foods can bring to your health so I have to take supplements to receive the nutrients that I otherwise wouldn’t get from other foods; My Vitamins Total Acai Berry supplements are helping me to do just that! As a teenager I didn’t really suffer from acne but as my hormones changed in my early twenties and again as I turned 30 I have suffered with adult acne 🙁 My diet is healthier than it has ever been but there are still a few things missing from it such as fruits and berries, so the My Vitamins Total Acai Berry supplements are providing me with some key antioxidants that help to improve skin health and also improves the immune system. Read on to hear all about the benefits of My Vitamins Total Acai Berry supplements and how they can help with weight loss and improve the skin …….

The first thing to note about the Acai Berry is that it is naturally high in fibre – 45% – so is great for digestion and therefore aids weight loss.

It has potent antioxidant properties which actually means that it will help to fight the signs of ageing. It’s also high in Vitamin C so this also helps to prevent damage to the skin which can age it prematurely.

The Acai Berry is also an anti inflammatory, so this means it will help fight against skin complaints such as acne or psoriasis and will help to lessen stretch marks..

Another key benefit of the Acai Berry is that it has plenty of Vitamin A which creates Dentin – you guessed it that’s about your teeth – this will help strengthen your tooth enamel therefore helping to give you a brighter smile and some healthy teeth!

The serotonin as with the My Vitamins Complete Sleep supplements I have also been taking will really help you to sleep better (this is when your skin takes time to heal and repair itself) and will also assist with cognitive functions!

And finally every 100g of Acai Berry contains 9g of plant protein! This is really going to help build and maintain lean muscle mass and also helps to cushion and protect your joints, so is really great for those exercisers who need that extra help on the wear and tear exercising may be having on their bodies! I know I feel it sometimes!

With these you only need to take 1 a day so I’ve been taking these in the morning before I have my breakfast. As a combination with the My Vitamins Complete Sleep and My Vitamins Carb Blockers I have noticed a difference in my skin. It definitely feels a bit plumper, and my complexion appears to be improving, my sleep quality has improved drastically. I am hoping this will clear up my acne and as a big bonus I am keeping my fingers crossed that those pesky stretch marks may fade a bit! I will definitely keep you posted on that one as I know it affects most of us!

Love Roo xx

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My Vitamins Carb Blocker

My Vitamins Total Carb BlockerA life without carbs is not a life worth living and they are essential to a well balanced diet and are a source of energy for exercisers, but they also have their flaws in that you can risk storing carbs as fat rather than using it as energy and that’s where these handy My Vitamin Carb Blockers come in to play!

I’ve started using the My Vitamins Total Carb Blockers as part of my regime.

Quite simply the benefits of the Carb Blockers is that they are made up of white kidney bean extract. White kidney extract quite simply prevents the breakdown of carbs into glucose i.e. it turns less into fat. So this will help aid anyone looking to lose weight where a high carb diet is consumed. And it also helps to maintain lean muscle mass. Read more to see how to use them and the benefits they can have………

At the moment I am aiming to eat more carbs on the days that I am training and restricting carbs on my day off purely because I won’t be needing as much energy on those rest days. On the days where I do have a high starch / carb meal I take 2 carb blockers about 20 minutes before I eat. What’s also key here is to remember that just because you are taking the carb blockers it doesn’t mean you can increase your portion size!! You should keep your portion size the same to see results!

I’ve only been using these for a couple of days but I can honestly say that I’ve noticed a difference in that I don’t feel as bloated after eating high carb / starch meals. And by taking these along with the My Vitamins Complete Sleep and Total Acai Berry supplements my energy levels are pretty spot on, my appetite has been suppressed and I have fewer urges to snack.

My current measurements are:

  •  Waise – 25 inches
  • Hips – 35.5 inches
  • Thigh – 19.5 inches

Watch this space to see how the My Vitamins Carb Blocker helps with my weight and fitness goals. And why not try it yourself!

Love Roo xx

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My Vitamins Complete Sleep

My Vitamins complete sleepGetting enough sleep is absolutely paramount when it comes to making exercise and weight loss a success and as someone who struggles with getting the right amount of beauty sleep I decided to try out My Vitamins Complete Sleep.

Sleep is really important as it enables your body to rest and repair itself. Without getting the right amount of sleep you may find that your weight loss plateaus and you quite simply don’t have the energy to exercise. My Vitamins Complete Sleep will help provide the nutrients that you may not get from your diet to help you to get a good nights rest and be ready to face the day ahead of you! As daft as it sounds after only taking them for a couple of days I have really noticed a big difference and I am looking forward to seeing what other benefits it brings my way! Read on to find out more……

My Vitamins Complete Sleep is designed to provide the body with the following nutrients; B6, Zinc, Biotin & 5-HTP. All of these will help your body to wind down, rest and repair itself overnight so you are always starting the day with a clean slate to give your body the best chance it has to succeed at whatever you throw it’s way! Whether you are doing a heavy training schedule get in shape or whether you are simply trying to eat better and lose a few inches, the Complete Sleep supplements will help you along the way in providing those vitamins that your body isn’t producing or your not getting from your diet. So let’s take a deeper look into what each one provides:

B6 – This helps to break down chemicals in your body to utilise protein. If you exercise natural B6 levels will be depleted as a result because it is used for energy production. So by boosting this you are rebuilding the levels used.

Zinc – These helps with healthy bone development and helps your cells to grow, divide and function more efficiently. It also helps to promote a healthy immune system. Zinc is very hard to find in food sources.

Biotin – This helps to prevent symptoms such as insomnia for example because it regulates and controls energy production in cells and how food consumed is turned into energy.

5-HTP – This is a natural amino acid which increases the levels of serotonin and will help to improve your quality of sleep. It increases REM and reduces the time taken to fall asleep, you will find that you wake up less and have a generally much deeper sleep. People with low serotonin levels may notice symptoms such as migraines, tension, depression, insomnia and overeating.

So all of the nutrients combined will help to improve the quality of sleep and should therefore improve the quantity of sleep needed. You will get the sleep you need, and also build up and regulate the energy used to ensure that your bodies levels are more stable and sustainable. The benefit of this is that you will be more likely to feel less exhausted and be ready to smash that workout and because your energy levels are stable you won’t be craving those sugary pick me up and crash snacks.

You take 1 – 4 of these tablets before bedtime for up to 4 weeks at a time and then you can take a 2 week break and start again. So far I have been taking 2 tablets 30 minutes before bedtime and I have to say I am out like a light! And whilst I have woken up a couple of times it’s not to the extent I would normally stir in my sleep and where my quality of sleep has improved I am finding that I am actually waking up earlier than normal and have been ready to get up. There has been none of that grogginess that comes with being shocked by your alarm bursting in to life! I feel really good, and again I am finding that I am snacking less between meals but I don’t feel my energy levels slumping after lunchtime.

I am yet to see if it will affect my measurements. But here they are just in case and I will be revisiting these in a couple of weeks time to see if it is having an affect. But to be honest, my goal is more about not gaining fat rather than losing weight, and to build more lean muscle mass.

  • Waist – 25 inches
  • Hips – 35.5 inches
  • Thigh – 19.5 inches

Watch this space to find out how it goes! Or click on this link to conduct your own trial 🙂

Love Roo xx

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How To Make Your Hair Grow

thick volume hair

short hairLast month I wrote about my hair dilemma and I know you’ve all be waiting with baited breath to see how I am getting on in this difficult times! OK so I may be being a tad dramatic but your hair is the crown that you never take off so you need to try and make it as glorious and fantastic as possible! the photo on the left shows my hair after being blow dried today, the photo on the left shows my hair after being blow dried 1 month ago. There is obviously very little difference in the length, but it’s easy to see the difference in volume and texture!

So last month’s test was using the Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight , which felt and smelt lovely! This month I have upped my game! Here’s what I’ve been doing and I think I’ve finally hit on my solution and don’t plan on changing my routine for the foreseeable future. Why not give some of these tips a go yourself: 

1.    Condition your hair first – This is coco-nuts right?! I certainly thought so until I started seeing results. I was finding that the roots around my hairline, especially near my ears was getting greasy really quickly and for some reason no matter how much I rinsed my hair after conditioning this kept happening. I love dry shampoo and it’s great in those emergencies but I didn’t want to rely on it and it made my hair feel dry and chalky. So I swapped my lathering sequence. I now condition my hair first, I massage it into the lengths of my hair and leave it on whilst I shower, shave and wash and then rinse it off. This leaves my hair feeling silky smooth, I then shampoo around the roots and give me scalp a lovely massage and this helps to get rid of any residue left from the conditioner, and leaves my tresses squeaky clean!

2.    Down towel dry too vigorously – Squeeze out the excess water and then wrap your hair in a towel. If you’re lucky to be able to let your hair dry naturally do it, otherwise if you suffer from crazy frizzy life of its own hair like I do, leave it wrapped in the towel as long as you can and then finish it off with the hair dryer.

Kebelo - Velvet Curls

3.    Kebelo Velvet Curls – This is quite possible the best de-frizzing balm I have ever used. My hair is naturally thick and wavy but I tend to blow dry it rather than curl it because at its current length it’s just not looking all that great when it’s wavy! I use a little bit of these curling cream and I smooth it through my hair all the way down to the tips and I comb it through. It smells FANTASTIC! It combines Coconut oil with Chamomile and Organic Quinoa to inspire defined, frizz free curls. With easy ‘apply and go’ application, the deeply nourishing treatment will leave you with stand-out, camera-worthy curls; soft, lightweight and bouncy – It definitely does what it says on the tin

Hair Growth Tool Kit4.    Blow dry with a sock – Now it gets a little bit weirder! My Lee Stafford hairdryer came with a sock like diffuser attachment. This has been a life saver. My hair is so thick that I just cannot get it dry by using the cool setting on my hairdryer. But the blasts from the hot setting damages the hair follicles. This amazing little sock device allows me to blow dry my hair using the heat but it isn’t blasting the hair shaft and breaking it! Amazing! up until now I’d noticed that my hair was growing (my dark roots showing were telling me that!) but the ends were getting weak and snapping off so I wasn’t getting the desired length. This is changing now!

5.    I blow dry around my hair line and blast into the roots to begin with and then tie it up in sections and blow dry each section at a time.

Bandanna Hairstyling6.    Where possible I tie my hair up. I love having it down but I find I play with it too much and whilst I am so so desperate to get my hair back to its longer length I am doing everything in my power to keep it healthy. So tying it up means that it’s not getting damaged by the pollution and environment so much, I’m not playing with it and making it greasy, which means I am not needing to wash it so much, and that means I don’t need to blow dry it so much! Yay! I bought a load of bandannas in different colours from eBay which means I can make the hairstyle a bit cuter and match it to what I’m wearing 🙂

It would be daft to think that only washing it and using products is saving my hair, it’s really important that you nourish it from the inside out and not just from the outside in! I have been eating lots of healthy foods and taking various supplements to help give my hair the boost that it can’t get from my diet:

Simply Supplements Hair Care Plus1.    Simply Supplements – Hair Care Plus – I have been taking these daily for the last month. I take one with every meal and I have noticed a huge difference in my hair quality and strength. The supplements contain Vitamin C and Iron which promotes and healthy scalp and supports circulation to the follicle as well as amino acids which aids against hair loss. My hair is also shining a lot more than it used to so I am confident in saying that it’s having it’s desired effect!

2.    Chia Seeds – I am eating lots of chia seeds – I am adding them to anything I can possibly get them in to! They are packed with protein, fibre and omega 3 which is great for hair and skin health.

3.    Linwoods Organic Milled Flaxseed, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Sesame Seeds and Goji Berries – this is great for adding to homemade granola bars, breakfast pots, yoghurt, again anything I put chia seeds in I am adding this too. It’s packed with all of the essential nutrients and healthy fats for healthy skin and hair.

4.    Omega 3, 6 & 9 supplements – I unfortunately do not like fish. I really want to like it because of the health benefits but I can’t simply cannot stomach it, so I am taking this supplement daily to try and boost my bodies omega levels which it cannot product naturally.

5.    Broccoli & carrots – I am getting plenty of vitamins and iron from my veggies (these 2 in particular) again to try and boost my skin and hair these have all of the healthy micronutrients needed to help!

6.    Eggs – And finally the other thing I am making a conscious effort to eat more of is eggs. Again these have essential good fats and protein to help promote a healthy body.

Love Roo xx

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Cacao & Agave Chia Pod

cacao agave chia pod


I’ve been at it again! I’ve made another flavour chia pod to add to my list! Can’t wait to keep adding some more! This one is by far my favourite!


  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp agave nectar
  • 1 tsp cacao powder


  • Mix all ingredients together in a small kilner jar or ramekin dish
  • Make sure the cacao powder is really well blended, you may have to make a small folding action to get this to mix in well.
  • Pop in the fridge for the seeds to swell and for the mixture to chill overnight.

I’m going to keep adding recipes for these Chia pods, if anyone has any ingredient requests that they want me to experiment with add them in the comments and I will try and make something to tantalise your tastebuds 🙂

Love Roo xx

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