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Roo de Rennes came about because I was fed up of looking at upcoming trends and telling myself that I couldn’t wear that because my legs were too big for those skinny jeans or I thought my tummy was too flabby to show off in a short top. I had well and truly gotten myself stuck in a rut of telling myself that it was bad genetics, and that I had gotten the short straw and that because the girls in my family all carried their weight around their hips, bum and thighs that this was my predetermined shape and I just had to deal with it. Turns out I was just believing what I was reading in magazines and whilst I have always been fairly active in my adult life I wasn’t pushing myself to make any changes because I didn’t believe I could.

On my 30th birthday I decided that now was time for change and educated myself in how to make myself the fittest and healthiest I have ever been! It’s not been easy, there were some tears of frustration and also tears of joy and elation at what I was achieving. I stopped making excuses and started taking action. As part of my action plan I started blogging about my journey, tips and advice on how we can all break the pattern of your body dictating what you can or can’t wear, and more importantly to make people feel great on the inside and out and to help you feel proud of your body and stop feeling self-conscious about it. Your body is an amazing thing, you only get one and you need to look after it!

Fast forward 1 year, I am now 31 years old, 2.5 stone (35lbs) lighter and I look better, fitter, and healthier than I ever did as a teenager. I am no longer complaining about not being able to fit into fashionable clothes and that stores don’t cater for my slightly larger thighs! And what’s more I haven’t spent a fortune to achieve it, the only thing it has cost me is my time and dedication. I can genuinely hand on heart say that I have a much healthier attitude to body image and I am happier with the way I look and that’s what really matters at the end of day.

So Roo de Rennes isn’t about being on a fad diet, it’s about eating a healthy diet and living a lifestyle that enables you to look good and feel great in what you want to wear! I’m not claiming to be a personal trainer, nutritionist or a chef but I will share with you some ideas for recipes and eating plans, and exercises to target specific areas and all the things that have been working for me as well as some outfit ideas from my own wardrobe. And hopefully it will help you on your journey whatever it may be and you will be able to be confident, happy and healthy and will have people begging to know your secret!

Lots of Love Roo xx

Here’s a picture of transformation. I have finished my weight loss goal, now my mission is to get more toned and get some muscle definition so my journey is far from over but the fun still continues!

Weight Loss 1st Jan 2014 - 23rd Nov 2014 EDITED

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