A Night at The Railway

BBQ ThaiA few weeks ago I got an emailĀ inviting me to a night at The Railway in Cheltenham to try their brand new Thai BBQ menu. It was a night I or my tastebuds will not be forgetting in a hurry! There was soooo much food I think I am still full!

The atmosphere was great; really cosy and intimate. The food was to die for; so many different options and flavours all underpinned with that smokey taste you can only get from a bbq. There’s something so primal about that and I love it! So sit tight folks and let’s take a little tour through the culinary delights of The Railway’s new menu.

Suki Jay

Smoked Vegetables Suki Jay

So let’s start with the small plates!! I loved these as it was like Thai tapas. Loads of bits to tuck into and great for sharing with friends if you can’t make up your mind on what to have. We started with some fresh herb, pork and prawn spring rolls with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. What I loved about these were that they tasted fresh. The vegetables had some bite and the flavours were light and the sauce really complimented rather than over powered the flavours. We were also served some pork belly, sriraja prawns and chilli chicken wings but my favourite had to be the smoked vegetable suki jay. I don’t get to go nuts with vegetables at home as Roo boy isn’t a fan so when I eat out I go to town with the veg and this did NOT disappoint. They were smoked and chargrilled so had that smokey flavour but they were covered in a spicy sauce that had a real kick to it. It’s a must have!

Nam Tok Sea Bass

Nam Tok Sea Bass

Are you ready forĀ the large plates? Now these were something to behold!! I was already pretty full from the small plates but thankfully we were sharing. We were served 4 dishes including pork belly rendang and marinated pork shoulder but the 2 stand out dishes for me were the smoked sirloin with lemongrass and chilli and the nam tok sea bass. The sirloin was cooked to perfection. Smokey flavour with the subtle taste of lemongrass was such a great combination; I wish I didn’t have to share that one! Now the sea bass, this was a pleasant surprise for me because I don’t like fish at all but I thought “hey why not try it”! And I am so glad that I did! Someone else had to do the carving because I’m not great with my food still looking like the animal it came from but the meat was beyond delicious! So juicy and flavoursome, it had me going back for more. Now that says something!

Some sides were also brought out with the large dishes and the coconut rice was immense! The light sweet coconut flavour was great with the spicy pendang sauce with the pork belly and really complimented the lemongrass of the sirloin. It just brought everything together in a delicious fusion of flavours.

The Railway

The Railway Cheltenham

The food was fantastic as was the company and the service. If you don’t believe me try it out for yourself, check out their website and book yourself a table pronto!! http://www.therailwaycheltenham.co.uk/ .


Love Roo xx


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